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You Know, If I Could Grow a Beard As Long as My Body...


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In hind sight I am a little suprised they did not make it catch fire when full length and you get into a fiery situation, e.g. hell hounds or charcoal gathering....might be a bit too sadistic though. :DEDIT:Hmm, maybe a new use for ashes....

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It's too bad no new characters will come out before release, since I was hoping Woodie would come out with winter and this would be his perk, which is why he wouldn't be allowed to shave it for beard hairs.

Palpetinus.. DAMN YOU!

I really love how spoilers attract attention!Still clicking on that spoiler everytime you see it? YES YES YES! NOOOOOOO!!
OMG I KNOW. This happens to me like three times a day.
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