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Wall covers, LEDs and other doodads

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-Wall covers

Built like thermo shift plates they would increase decor in living areas, negating decor debuffs caused by pipes and wires by hiding them from dupes sight.

Things like switches, sensors and vents could become part of the wallcover itself.

Additionally they could be colorable to make different sections of a base visually stand out.

-Colorable Pipes

Coloring pipes would be neat because players could designate colors to pipes to designate what contents flow through.


Red: Hydrogen

Dark Green: Polluted Water

Lime Green: Chlorine Gas

Light Blue: Oxygen

Dark Blue: Water


LEDs could provide a cheap and efficient light source with a dramatically lower heat output than normal lights.

-Liquid Tap

Acting as an acesspoint for Dupes witch they can use to extract things like water directly from pipes



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Good ideas. Suggested before but still good. It`s the QoL upgrade after all. We could use some of that stuff. I never understood why drywall didn`t affect decor. Maybe for balance reasons so people don`t spam free decor everywhere. I`d definetly love coloring stuff, not only pipes but storage compactors or even tiles and backwall buildings so you can mark certain parts of the base where you got access restrictions for some dupes.

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17 minutes ago, natanstarke said:

Just do not remove decor penalties and its really cool looking :)


My wallpaper mod does that, check it out :) It's just human-decor, i.e. in game it's cheap to build and has no actual game effect. My mods are available here

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