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  1. Coocking Like a Dupe

    I had an idea to make my own frostbuns... First try was a disappointment I was trying to get Peppermint flavour into scones...
  2. Coocking Like a Dupe

    That joke is gettin old before it really started Try to cook something that resembles a mushbar, doesn't contain dirt and tastes good, write the recipie down and post it here with a picture. Everything else is just annoying
  3. Coocking Like a Dupe

    Its good eneugh if it looks like a mush bar for example. It doesn't need to be dirt. Frostbuns could for example recreated with peppermint instead of sleet wheat I just want ONI Themed food
  4. Coocking Like a Dupe

    I had an idea for a mushbar like dish made of rice, chopped meat and curry
  5. Coocking Like a Dupe

    XD I meant like cooking for real, For example making a thing that looks like a mush bar...and is actually not causing diharrea
  6. They wont change it, since it will mess with the physics of the game in a lag crating way
  7. Ever wondered how the food that we serve our Dupes tastes? Maybe we can get an idea: Try to cook food from the game in RL using RL ingriedients, lets find out how tasty we can make those mush bars and other stuff. Post your ideas with pictures here
  8. I use the Hydrofan in the earlygame quite often to cool my britle berry farm
  9. If you get a Rock Tile or an dropped item is determined by the amount of magma in that tile, that volkanos output is to high to produce items, you'll always get tiles
  10. social update, part 3

    Fallout is the Radioactive rain after a nuke goes off
  11. What about an antiseptic filter tile?
  12. Slimelung only survives in contaminated oxygen. On a suit it doesnt harm dupes, it will just die off, there is no need for decontamination if you have them
  13. Isn't that phobia a creepy pasta thing?