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mix output geyser ?

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Some geyser is really bad in this game that you regarding them as wasted slot
like co2(both version)

minor volcano is simple weaker then volcano,
and Hot polluted oxygen....totally not useful ,cannot even ranch with it due to too hot....the amount is too low as well...
chlorine (trying to play cow,but it seem so annoying to worth the effort other wise puft farm?)
Hydrogen vent...super low output....

would it be better if those super weak geyser generate 2 resource?
something that come to mind like sulfur (naturally found in hot spring.I assume we have a use for it later) 
/sour gas (tho you need an AETN for this unlike simple Nat gas) could pair with oxygen vent ,turning it into a pure toxic vent
we could also have minor volcano pop out glass/obsidian as well as magma to match the "missing" output compare to volcano

now I really don't have a suggestion to buff the Co2 vent a bit that not making it totally strange ,I don't tihnk we have a real life co2 vent stuff nor H2 vent..

maybe we could give them some germ and increase the output a bit/or just mix 2 weaker geyser together?

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I Like to have a chlorine geyser. I use it for decontamination.

Volcanos... not so much of a use, because i produce  heat enough all by myself.

P-Oxygen vents are fine additions. Cooling the gas, cleaning it, and you save a lot of water. 

And CO² is fine to flood launch tubes for the rockets, to assist cooling.  Or you create p-water with it, for some other uses.

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If the numbers stay within an order of magnitude of the current ones, the CO2, pO2, chlorine and volcanoes will still be useless for anyone except noobs who don't do math.

On average, 1 water geyser is better than 4-5 pO2 geysers when it comes to oxygen production. That's the ratios we're looking at. Someone looked at those numbers and said "OK, this totally isn't stupid".

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I would prefer the science job to branch into two disciplines: astronomy and geology.  Astronomers would handle all the research and analysis pertaining to space while geologists would analyze and eventually "terraform" geysers, improving their uptime, output, etc so that ever bad geysers can eventually be made serviceable.

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1 hour ago, SharraShimada said:

Sure, there are better geyers, but what fun would it be, if you always encounter a perfect map? If you really want that, use the seed-browser.

it not about something slush geyser is the best etc,it just those geysers is plain bad,i don't suggest some change like volcano which is a nice heat 
leaky oil(many ppl seem to said it not useful,but i think it give high enough temp and free oil constantly(no water or power need,so it justify the low rate),there also the copper volcano that wrost then Iron or gold ,but it was nice free metal that still a lot better then 50g per second of CO2

the Hot O2 and Co2 ,H2 output is so low like you rolled almost nothing on that geyser,it the geyser in a bad place you need to seal it forever too just for the sake of it useless.
Consider the proper way to play the game when you discover a geyser(not save reload or debug sandbox),you need to make a water lock and box the whole thing in insulated tile (obsidian /ceramic since you not save reloading you don't will you get a super hot geyser that melt everything else)
doing all those and you discover it was a totally low output gas vent (I got a very nice co2 vent that i just leave it open don't care about it....)
you do a lot of preparation and found out that you wasted it .
Another thing is minor volcano:Oh boy you rolled a heat source and a igneous rock source,hmm my mood today is bad,sorry as the random god of the game I decided to cut your geyser output in half hahahha.
The game basically doing this when you rolled a volcano
I not suggesting just simple buff their number,maybe there are some reason the developer make those number,but they could at least give them some secondary property.So that the player wouldn't have a geyser much much weaker then weaker and less interesting in tame or worst just don't bothering it at all.

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I got a hot steam geyser, which definitely ranks among the "useless" group.  But I feel that it is a "teaching geyser".  The steam is hot enough to guarantee that it stays steam for a while and floats around.  Since it's in my oil biome, and I have hot machinery there, the steam sometimes condenses and lands on the machines.  But the low output is also part of the feature.  It guarantees that the surrounding area is not flooded and overwhelmed with steam.  So a noob that uncovers it learns about drip-cooling hardware as well as steam condensation mechanics.

Of course, I just boxed it up because I also have a water geyser near it that outputs about 100x the water, and way more total DTUs, if I even cared about the heat.

I also got a cold CO2 geyser, which puts out relatively useless cold CO2.  Because the volume is so low, the temp can't really be used to do anything helpful.  I feed it to slicksters, but even if I used it to make PWater, the volume would be pointlessly low.  Even so, a noob discovering this geyser will likely go through all these discoveries, attempt to use it in various ways, and learn something about SHC, throughput and other things.  The point being, discovering that a geyser is useless can be a valuable teaching tool, and introduces some risk of getting a sub-optimal map.

Perhaps there should instead be a map generator option to only give mediocre-good geysers, for players that don't need the "education" and want a more powerful map.

I do like the idea of being able to "upgrade" geysers.  Just create more buildings like the Oil Well to help exploit the under-powered geysers up to useful levels.  Maybe the Hot Steam Geyser could have a Steam Boiler building that you build on it that takes electricity + coal and increases the steam output, for either turbine use or just more water.  The CO2 Geyser could take O2 + coal + power, etc.

Also, using research points to directly improve stats would give more opportunities for the scientists to use their skills.

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