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Welcome to the Forum and thanks for adding your mind to the hive.

A monster like slenderman

This is the point I suppose. References are nice, but everyone would say hey he is like slenderman.....isn't this a bit boring. There are others who asked for a slenderman monster already.

Perhaps you can think of something fresher.

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I have the dimension traveler.I need no slenderman

The dimension traveler

Hp: 460


Insanity points: -3 (Every second,near him) -10 (If he hit you)

He was once a human, who has a very magical abbility. He could trave trough dimensions!But what he in this dimensions saw was horrorbile and transformed him to that, what he now is.......

He appears when your sanity under 40 is.After 30 seconds, he will appear.He is very slow.But if you run away from him, he teleport him in your near!He makes strange noieses, it sounds like thousand

voices that whispers strange things.Btw, he dissapears after 50 seconds, but if your sanity still under 40 is he appears again after 30 seconds. He has a fine suit, very long arms and legs a top hat, a steam-punky gasmask that cover his whole head and two white glowing eyes.Walls don't protect you he just make his legs longer and step over the walls. (Yup, that looks creepy)

He drops 2-5 nightmare fuel.


Ps: Long limbs = (Sl)enderman

Really?That s*cks

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It's like all the minecraft comparisons. Not Minecraft defines survival games survival games define Minecraft and Don't Starve so there will be similarities....there will be......honestly.....who cares!!!And yes if you choose slender limbs there will be 100 people who will cry slenderman.....awww man.^^

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