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Use Pogs for something?

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I've been kinda wanting more for companions in Don't Starve, of course we all have allies that only follow us because we feed or pay them.
But with Chester we have a mob that follow the player by simply letting an object occupy a space in their inventory, and following the player without complaint.

Same with the Extra-Adorable Lavae, as it follow it's Lavae Tooth, if the Player character carry it.

With Pogs I see potential. It's a fox/dog thing.... And considering the "civilized" tone of Hamlet, would domestication be an option here?

I see someone here mention a pet flytrap, as a possible base-guard, could we do that with Pogs as well?

Pet Pog
The Pet Pog would be a Pog that's followed the player around for a while, while continually being fed. 
Eventually the pog change appearance and spit out a bone that the player can pick up and then the Pog will follow the player as long as they carry it.

It could even have different version:
Puffy Pog:

A pog that's been a fed well and not seen much combat, it works similar to the Pudgy Beefalo, as the Player get no Larger benefit then gaining sanity when standing near it. Also maybe getting an option to play with it?

Hunting Pog:

A pog that's seen a lot of combat, more obedient, increased health and damage. It is mainly used to explore and help the player fight, it only fights what the player fights.

Guard Pog:

A pog that's been fed a lot of Monster Meat, a bit of a mix between Hound and Pog, a bit bigger, but mostly only an increase to health, mostly to serve as a distraction at the base. It's aggressive to mobs not allied with the player and will attack hostile mobs on sight, giving the Player less control over it.


What do you guys think? Do you think this has potential?

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2 hours ago, metallichydra said:

I would rather have them be like beefalo, they follow you as long as you're taming them, or have tamed them, instead of an item that they follow, but of course, there's so many things that could kill them.

What do you propose they stay when they're not following? Like the Salt Lick?
A dog bowl?

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