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Replacing buildings is frustrating

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Hi, recently I had a few problems with the building system. The first problem is that you can't change buildings' settings before it is built. Why is this so frustrating? The main reason is that you will need to configure a lot of things when you are making more complex systems, and when duplicants finish building the whole thing you can easily forget what were you trying to do, especially when you have a lot of other things to manage.

The second problem is when for example when you want to change when some wires or pipes go. First, you need to wait for duplicants to end breaking wires, and then you wait (again) for duplicants to finish building new wires. This, again, is more frustrating when you need to rebuild something completely or change a big part of a build.

How can we fix these problems?

  • make it easier to plan buildings and use settings (a new overlay?)
  • make it easier to change buildings on a bigger scale  (a replacement tool?)
  • make it easier to replace a building
  • make it easier to replace wires.
Thanks for reading.
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I agree. especially wire bridges and high-wat tiles. They're urgently important and should be built at the same time as deconstructed.

Also plants. No reason to prevent you from building over plants, just mark them to be uprooted automatically.

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