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  1. I bought tusk to craft walking cane only to find out that you can't craft it. Why are you able to buy this when it has no use?
  2. Sometimes microbe musher seems to doesn't see recipes.
  3. Using cancel option on creature that you can't wrangle makes "can't wrangle" message popup.
  4. SCREENSHOT crashes game!

    You have enembled debug mode, right? Control+F12 is a bugged option and crashes the game.
  5. Duplicants are getting mourning effect when reloading game. Probably because of dead bodies that were lying on the floor. When I reloaded the game, some of my dups got the effect. When i built memorials, everything was OK.
  6. I have resources in storage capacitor, but I can't build using them. (duplicants can use resources from storage capacitor) I can build using resources, that I dug after bug. Mampiencilatonia.sav
  7. Gliched buried objects

    Weird graphical bugs happening to buried objects