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- Compatible with:

- Don't Starve

- Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants

- Alyx & Dog mod: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/976-alyx-vance-dog/

- Stats

He came from Half-Life series.


health 200 / hunger 150 / sanity 200

- grows lesser beard than wilson

- can equip crowbar, HEV battery

- delays hunger, hardly fear

- never talks

- The batteries are bodyslot item.(in Science tab, no needs any tech.)

grants protection with high durability, quickness and damage multiplier,

You must kill Combines to craft batteries.

- Crowbar can do what hammer can do

- Firearms Information


0. General

- All ammunitions are obtainable only.(Combine drop)

1. Crossbow (craftable, obtainable)

- Attack: high /- Rate: low /- Range: long /- Ammo(stack): Uranium rod(10)

- Instant death to human-sized enemies. Ammo can be retrieved after kill the target.

2. Shotgun (SPAS-12) (obtainable only)

- Attack: medium-high /- Rate: medium /- Range: short-middle /- Ammo(stack): Shells(6)

- Hit area. Damage is in inverse ratio to the range.(the closer, the stronger)

3. Pulse rifle (AR2) (obtainable only)

- Attack: low-very low /- Rate: very high /- Range: middle /- Ammo(stack): AR2 magazine (30)

- Can Autofire(keep press 'F').

- Enemy Information


The hounds waves are replaced by Combines when you play Gordon

1. Combine Civil Protector

- Attack: medium-Low /- Range: melee /- Vital: low

2. Combine Overwatch Soldier

- Attack: medium-high /- Range: short /- Vital: medium

- Uses shotgun. Deadly.

3. Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier

- Attack: medium-high /- Range: middle /- Vital: medium

- Uses Pulse rifle. Rapid fire. Falls back against approaching.

4. Combine Hunter

- Attack: medium-high /- Range: middle /- Vital: high

- Fire pulses.

Special thanks to:

Super Uber Turbo Cheater (Steam)

What's New in Version 1.24   See changelog


  • Added Configure Mod Options

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