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- Compatible with

- Don't Starve

- Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants

- Gordon Freeman mod: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/957-dr-gordon-freeman-combine-invasion/

Still on progress

- Basics

- Expansion of Freeman mod.

- Add Alyx Vance.

- Add Dog.

- Stats

She came from Half-Life series.

- health 100 /- hunger 130 /- sanity 200

- runs fast but takes blows not well

- has a special follower

- Companion



- Attack: medium /- Rate: medium /- Health: huge~very huge

- Does small area attack

- Has some chance of x2 damage

- Drop loots its parts to be recrafted

- Painting is not over indeed :razz:

- Weapons


Alyx's gun

- Attack: low /- Rate: medium-high /- Ammo(stack): 9mm bullet(30)

- Can't be broken

- You can get more 9mm bullets from Pig King by giving Gunpowders to him.

- It has (NOT YET) 3 variation. (wait for next update)

What's New in Version Beta0.4   See changelog


  • Added ModConfigure for control Dog's step sound volume.

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