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Use customization options to decide character difficulty!

If you find a bug let me know and I'll try to patch it as quick as possible :-)


>Timmy's toothpick.

==>an item that does 3400 damage flat.

==>two charges


>Timmy's toothpick UNBROKEN

==>an unbreakable toothpick with negative side effects.


==>a helpful craftable food item

and of course

>Lil Timmy!

==>Allergic to sun (health and sanity go down in it!)

==>Loves rain(health and sanity rise in it!)


Lil' Timmy:

>Allergic to sun: loses health and sanity during the day (1 per 10 ticks)

>Loves rain: heals health and sanity regain

==>ROG:1 per 3 ticks before any weather effects

==>Base:1 per 4 ticks

>Allergic to Veggies: anything with a veggie tag will kill him (including butterfly wings and petals)

Lil' Timmy only items:

>Meh-n-Cheese: restores all stats to full(health, hunger, and sanity).

Timmy's Toothpick

>craftable item

>does 3400 damage flat

>only carries 2 charges

Timmy's Toothpick UNBROKEN

>increases movement speed (x1.5)

>negative sanity aura (-10 per tick)

>does not break

>does 3400 damage flat

What's New in Version 1.04   See changelog


  • Added a difficulty config option!
  • Easy:
  • ==>Health, Sanity, and Hunger up +100%
  • ==>Starts with umbrella in addition to starting items
  • Medium:
  • ==>Health, Sanity, and Hunger up +50%
  • ==>toothpick and mehncheese starting item
  • Hard:
  • what the game was before this patch

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