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About This File


Warning: This mod is not yet completely tested; please keep in mind, that it might crash on use. Im looking forward to change to a release stable version.

Please test this mod and send messages, if you find any bug!

Stinky in Here

Have you ever had an ice box full of nearly spoiled food and didnt know, what to do?

Just throw it on ur new fancy compost pile and get extra poop!

This new compost pile (requested here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/30589-mod-request-compost-piles/) can turn veggies, meals, twigs, grass, seeds and lot more into poop. You dont have to run to your beefalo-plains to find poop, you can generate it by yourself!


  • Rotting veggies, fruits, eggs, meals, grass, twigs, cones, flowers, mushrooms and seeds (mandrakes, too :-))
  • Dropping 1-4 Poop after a few days (~1.5-10 days) with given criterias (amount of stuff, spoilage ..)
  • Burnable with 0-3 ash (amount ~poopamount)
  • Probability of fireflies (usual: 2%, 90% in a specific case)
  • Design: ~Farm + fancy poop-flies, New UI(5 Slots)
  • Tech-Category: Food (Science Machine needed)
  • 6xRocks 3xPoop 4xLogs

Future changes:

  • Custom minimap icon (possible?)

Special thanks to @Malacath for the great support!

Balance and Variables:

Allowed Ingredients (Value, Shiny=0.0):

  • Pome Granade, Dragon Fruit, Cave Banana, Watermelon (1)
  • Berries (.5)
  • Durian (1)
  • Carrot, Corn, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Cut Lichen, Cactus Flesh (1)
  • Red, Green, Blue Cap (.5)
  • Mandrake (1, 4)
  • Tallbird Egg (2)
  • Egg, Bird Egg (1)
  • Butterfly Wings (.5, 1) SHINY
  • Twigs, Pinecone, Seeds (.25)
  • Cut Grass, Rot, Evil Petals (.5)
  • Petals (.5, .5) SHINY
  • Butterflymuffin, Dragon Pie, Fist of Jam, Fruit Medley, Mandrake Soup, Powder Cake, Pumpkin Cookie, Ratatouille, Taffy, Unagi, Waffles, Wet Goop (1.5)
  • Bacon & Eggs, Fish Tacos, Fish Sticks, Froggle Bunwich, Honey Ham, Honey Nuggets, Kabobs, Meatballs, Bone Stew, Monster Lasagna, Perogies, Turkey Dinner (1.75)


  1. If you reach a shiny value of at least 3.0 you get 2 poop and 95% prob of fireflies spawning after harvesting. (4 days)
  2. If you reach a value of more than 5.0 (5.0 is not enough), you receive 3 poop and 5% probability of fireflies spawning (2.2 days).
  3. If you reach a value of more than 3.0 (3.0 is not enough), you receive 2 poop and 5% probability of fireflies spawning (2 days).
  4. Else: you receive 1 poop and 5% probability of fireflies spawning after harvesting. (3 days)


  1. If you compost some food which let you gain at least 4 poop (recipe+rottyness bonus (4.)), the compost pile develops fertile soil. (This is a durable status (until the pile gets burnt))
  2. If you have spoilable food, you receive a bonus on the composting time. Factor = 0.5 + (totalSpoilage / (2*spoiledFoodCount)). Example: 5 berries are half spoiled (50%=0.5). totalSpoilage = 5 * 0.5 = 2.5. spoiledFoodCount = 5 --> Factor = 0.5 + (2.5 / 10) = 0.75. Therefore the composttime is reduced by 25%
  3. If you have fertile soil (see 1.), the composttime is reduced by 10% (If your reduced composttime (2.) is 20%, the complete reduction will be 28% (0.8*0.9))
  4. If you compost some food which has an average spoilage of lower than 33% (this is nearly red), you receive one extra poop on harvesting. (rottyness bonus)

The composting time bonuses can summarize to an - asymptotic - maximum of 0.5*0.9 = 0.45


If you burn the pile and it was done, you will receive the amount of poop you'd received by harvesting plus 1. (Large recipe with 3xpoop will drop 4xash)

Piles that are empty or are rotting at the moment wont drop ash.

What's New in Version 0.4   See changelog


  • Updated to RoG
  • Improved HUD-Image
  • Reduced composting time
  • Increased firefly rate
  • Increased rotting threshold
  • Changed firefly recipe (easier)
  • Added nice logging
  • Added RoG ingredients
  • Reduced log costs to 4
  • Updated descriptions

User Feedback

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I do in-fact have too much spoilage, How'd you know! I like this mod quite a bit. However... I have more poop than food.. could be useful in a new world, so I wouldn't have to consider beefalo near my home,I already eliminated needing a pig village near when I can just make pig houses in my base, so with this installed I won't need beefalo either :D

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This mod seems to cause an issue with 'cooktime' (crockpot stuff?). caused an error when I tried to make something.

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I am not sure if this is how it's supposed to work but in my case no food is accepted in the compost pile, I can fill it with rot only. Giving it several rots and waiting several days will turn into single poo always... How useful can that be?

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