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  1. General Development

    Thanks for your advice!
  2. General Development

    Hello guys, I found this thread by looking for a solution to publish a mod with multiple authors. Currently I am working on new features of a Don't Starve Together Mod and some other guy is the original author. I am therefore not able to update the game files. Is there any possibility to achieve that?
  3. Hey there, I found your posts about tips for scripts. I want to use Ctrl+R and Right Shift in DST. How can I do that?
    Plus: Is there any mod tooling like the "Mod Testing Toolbox" for DST?


    Thanks a lot and keep on the good work.

  4. Manure is on my mind.

    1. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      No sh...? Err, nevermind.

    2. s1m13


      Better than bucket-o-poop-hat!

  5. hailthepinecones

    Why planting, if you can use it as a weapon? Catch some birds or stuff!
  6. Damage Indicators

    Please Subscribe, Rate and Favourize on steam! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=220511926 Have Fun!
  7. Damage Indicators

    It isnt?! Maybe your client is out of date.?!
  8. Damage Indicators

    Life giving amulet may be the source. I will try it out..
  9. Damage Indicators

    Thanks for your reply. There is an option to turn healing off, already. Please use this one. There is infact a lower threshold for such small amounts of healing. This might be TOO low. I will have a look. Can you say me, why you healed in this specific moment? Usually there is no way to heal over time, am i right?!
  10. Damage Indicators

    Why? To find the right source folder?
  11. Dämätsch Indicatorz