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  1. I do in-fact have too much spoilage, How'd you know! I like this mod quite a bit. However... I have more poop than food.. could be useful in a new world, so I wouldn't have to consider beefalo near my home,I already eliminated needing a pig village near when I can just make pig houses in my base, so with this installed I won't need beefalo either
  2. This is awesome, is the beard only white when wearing the santa armor, or only during winter? I like this armor tho.
  3. I really like this, but is upgraded Choppy to powerful? a follower who freezes enemy's for the cost of a blue gem. Maybe if the gem only lasted like 3 days, or wore off like a weapon, in usage. OR is it not OP and I just need to see it for myself. That just sounds like a little too much. No other problems with anything else tho. I like this character.
  4. I REALLY like this character, but yes the unarmed damage needs to be slightly lower, I know its his main weapon but 55dmg + high attack speed is OP. also, what exactly do you mean by " needs lots to eat", I realize that means faster stomach drain,but how much faster? A response would be wondiferus.
  5. This is pretty good! Especially with my 2 chests of hounds teeth! sadly I only have like 8 gears, I suck at caving
  6. cool, please continue making mods, its been a little slow lately
  7. I really like how late game the wand is, like it should be, good job
  8. a little Oped. Just saying. Maybe like 3/4 the speed would be better. Unless you want ridiculous speed.