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This mod allows you to slowly regain sanity while you stand next to flowers and potted ferns. Also included are different ways for each character to gain and lose sanity, each special and unique to only that character!


In addition to her already slowly regenerating sanity while standing near fires, she also gains a small boost of sanity every time something catches fire. At a first glance, this may not seem very beneficial but since fires are so willing to spread, this can very easily create a chain reaction that will take you to your max sanity in a very short amount of time, at the cost of burning valuable resources. However, she does not like ashes and she will very quickly lose sanity if she stands near them.


It's no surprise that Wolfgang loves food. I mean, who doesn't? So standing near any food related structures, such as crock pots, farms, or even refrigerators will make him happy and he will slowly regain sanity. However, destroying said structures will strike terror into his heart and lower his sanity.


Wendy and Abigail have a very strong bond that even death can't stand in between. So things like Abigail's Flower, tombstones and even graves will make Wendy happy and feel like she's not alone anymore, thus raising her sanity. However, the death of her sister's ghost will cause great sorrow and sanity loss.


WX-78 loves technology so, much like Wolfgang, just hanging around beloved structures and objects, such as Science Machines, Lightening Rods or even toy robots are enough to make him happy and will slowly regenerate his sanity. However, also much like Wolfgang, it pains him to destroy those structures and will lower his sanity.


Wickerbottom gets two new book recipes, one to completely refill your sanity over time and one to completely deplete it. The sanity refilling book regenerates roughly 150 points of sanity a second for 15 seconds and the sanity depleting book instantly sets your sanity pool to 0. Both books only have two uses each so use them wisely.


If it's not obvious by now, Woodie suffers from ornithophobia; a fear of birds. So just hanging around them or their feathers will quickly drain his sanity. Also because of his hatred for birds, it makes Woodie feel better to see birds brought to justice. Whether it's trapping them, putting them in cages or even killing them, Woodie will gain sanity boosts from watching them pay for their crimes! Whatever those crimes may be.

Lite version:

The character mods have been removed so the only thing the Lite version does is give sanity auras to flowers and potted ferns.


-Flowers now grow when it rains. This can be disabled at the top of modmain.lua

-Finally got around to rewriting Willow's perks. Burning things should now work much more effectively and consistently.

-Wickerbottom's sanity regenerating book now heals over time instead of just instantly maxing it out. It lasts for 15 seconds and regenerates roughly 150 points of sanity a second. While under it's effect, you can tactfully face all sanity draining threats without suffering any of the penalties.

-Fire Hounds now boost Willow's sanity.

-Added Lite version.

-Potted Ferns now produce sanity auras, higher than flower auras.

If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.

What's New in Version 06/16/14 03:57 AM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Since Wilson loves science, you should make him get sanity bonus from science machines and also to get 25 sanity instead of 15 when prototipyng something new.

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Since Wilson loves science, you should make him get sanity bonus from science machines and also to get 25 sanity instead of 15 when prototipyng something new.

I appreciate your support but I'm just going to copy-paste my response from the Steam workshop page when someone said roughly the same thing there.

Well that's what WX-78 does. Besides Wilson goes largely untouched by my mods because he's the blank default control subject with no specific strengths in any one area, other than his beard. It would be silly to give him special powers when you can just further improve the other characters who already have them.

Very Cool! :grin:

Thank you for trying it. I'm glad you like it.

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This is really cool! Are you going to update it for All's Well that Maxwell? I want to use this.

All my mods work with the latest version of Don't Starve. I just never got around to updating the tags, partially because the Steam Workshop spoiled me and also because Don't Starve was updating every couple of weeks so it makes updating all mods a very tedious task. I hope you enjoy my mod though and let me know if you have any problems.

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