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  1. Hack The Planet

    So you want to hack the planet, huh? You think you're chill enough? You think you're gnarly enough? You think you're mad fresh to the max? Then check it, keyboard cowboy. This totally rad, ill and fly mod will have you hacking the planet in the dopest of styles.
    How to Use:
    Press the "hacker key" (R by default, can be changed in the mod configuration menu) to go into "hacker mode". While in "hacker mode", the game will be paused and you can simply click the object you want to "hack" and a list of options will appear. You can change anything from it's max health, to it's movement speeds, to how much damage it does, to it's diet. You can teleport yourself to it or vice versa. You can kill it, set it on fire, freeze it or just delete it. Do you have a character ideal but don't want to write any code yet? Not a problem! Click your character and starting changing variables! You will be able to recreate over half of the character mods out there and maybe, just maybe, improve on them. You can do so much with so many different things and all of those changes are made to only that one instance of that one object, and if you screw something up, you can just reload the save and everything goes back to normal. In short, you can Hack The Planet!
    Warning: Reckless hacking of the planet has been linked to crashing of the planet. Exercise common sense when hacking the planet.
    Custom Component Support:
    Have a component you made yourself? Want to test it using this mod? Not a problem! Tired of waiting for me to add support for your favorite already existing components? Not a problem! Want to make an expansion for this mod using the tools I made and publish it to the workshop? Not a problem, so long as you do NOT package Hack The Planet with it. You can now add component support yourself from within your own modmain.lua file! The documentation with a list of all builtin tools can be found here:
    If you are using Always On or any of the RPG HUD mods,
    Try disabling the option, "Change Backgrounds".
    Noteworthy Changes:
    -Added support for custom components.
    On a serious note, I made this as a tool to help myself and others develop other mods, troubleshoot bugs and more quickly understand some of the inner workings of DS's components. It's also a lot of fun so even if you don't plan to make mods, you can still get a lot of entertainment out of it. This was made with mouse and keyboard controls in mind. Adding controller support will probably never happen. This is not the final version, adding support for all components is a very long, arduous task so be patient.
    Concerning DST: No.




  2. Beatrice

    This is Beatrice. The commander of bees. The walking beehive. The humble bumble. The embodiment of everything that is the wonderful world of bees.
    -Hunger: 100
    -Sanity: 50
    -Health: 75
    -Can eat honeycombs.
    -Gains an increased amount of hunger and health from honey and honeycombs.
    -Cannot attack or be attacked by any bees.
    -Bee Mines require slightly less resources.
    -Can build Killer Bee Hives.
    -All Killer Bee Hives are slightly more advanced and can now serve as guard towers.
    -Bee Hives, Killer Bee Hives and Bee Boxes can be repaired with honey.
    -Can build Honeycomb Walls.
    -Can craft The Honey Ham Bat.
    -Can craft The Sticky Stinger.
    -Can craft The Servant Sack.
    -Can craft The Reenforcement Antenna.
    -Can craft The Flight of the Rumble Bee.
    -Can craft The Royal Bug Net.
    -Can clone herself.
    -All bees work in the winter.
    -Does 66% less damage.
    -Cannot sleep.
    -Cannot eat meat.
    -Cannot go into the caves. Instead, the caves come to her.
    -ANY bee's death will anger Krampus, more so if it's one of Beatrice's daughter bees.
    -Talks in buzz's.
    -Wears an adorable, yet tattered poodle skirt.
    Spawns with:
    -A honeycomb
    -A beebox blueprint
    -A board blueprint
    -A bugnet blueprint
    -A piece of rope
    -3 butterflies
    -2 homeless bees
    -Biological Beehive
    -Bee Booster Pheromones
    -Bee Mind Control Pheromone
    Craftable Items:
    -Cloned Larva
    -Honeycomb Walls
    -Honey Ham Bat
    -The Sticky Stinger
    -The Servant Sack
    -The Reenforcement Antenna
    -Flight of the Rumblebee
    -The Royal Bug Net
    If you would like to see the FAQ and in-depth descriptions for everything, then
    >>click here<<
    If you ask a question that is already on the FAQ, consider your question ignored. This means YOU.
    If you are using Always On or any of the RPG HUD mods,
    Try disabling the option, "Change Backgrounds".
    If you have experienced a crash, please
    >>click here<<
    If the problem persists, please contact me with a link to your log file. Details on the log are covered in the troubleshooter link above.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.
    Concerning DST: See the FAQ.




  3. Simple HUD

    Recently I got into a discussion with someone on the topic of HUD mods and more specifically, their compatibility issues. Long story short, I realized it would be easier and faster to make my own than it would be to fix someone else's. 10 minutes later, this mod was born. Yes, seriously, 10 minutes.
    If you're like me, and I know I am, then you're probably relatively happy with Don't Starve's default HUD and the only thing you might change is not being able to see the hunger, sanity and health values when you stop hovering over their icons. Well, it seems our lucky day has come because that's exactly what this mod does. Those stats are shown all the time and when you hover over the icons, it shows the maximum capacity of that stat.
    For example:
    Hovering over the health icon will show your maximum health capacity. When you stop hovering over it, it shows your current health. Very simple, neat and clean.
    This mod affects:
    -Hunger icon
    -Sanity icon
    -Health icon
    -Moisture icon
    -Woodie's Werebeaver icon thing
    -Clock icon(sort of)
    -Anything that uses the default badge widget
    -Nothing else.
    At the risk of breaking simplicity, a temperature display has been added. It's displayed in the clock(the sun icon) under day X/world X. Hovering over the clock only changes the default day/world displays. It's displayed in both situations. If this seems too not-simple, it can be disabled in the configuration menu. You can also change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
    To further un-simplify things, I added support for arrow adjustments. Normally, the up and down arrows would appear in the middle of the icon, but since the numbers are there, you now have the option to move the up and down arrows above and below their icons respectively. This option is off by default.
    I also made it so you can pick and choose different colors and opacities of the arrows and various number sets. You can choose from a list of presets, make your own, or choose all the colors by making them rainbow colorized. When rainbow colors are on, all the numbers and arrows will slowly change colors. You can even turn the numbers off completely!
    Adaptive Colors:
    I created yet another configuration option that will change the color of a number, based on it's stat and how "full" it is. For example, if your health is above 80% then the color will be green. If it's less than 20% then it will be red. The colors will change across a simple spectrum between green and red, based on the percentage of the stat it's representing. It works on health, hunger, sanity and (theoretically) any badge that is added using standard methods. However, this is experimental, meaning your game could crash if you have any mod enabled that adds a heavily modified, unconventional badge(for example, Beatrice) so you would have to disable this option. If you're not using any mods that use unconventional badges(and most don't), then it's no problem, it works just fine so go nuts. This issue applies to ONLY this one option, but it is something to be aware of.
    Q: Is this mod compatible with RoG, custom character mods, other HUD mods and mod X?
    A: Yes, yes, maybe, and probably.
    Q: This seems really similar to X, an already existing mod. Are you trying to rip them off?
    A: No. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm trying to steal thunder from mod X. I honestly have no idea if this exact mod has been done before and I really don't care.
    Q: Can you add feature X?
    A: No, sorry, this mod is all about keeping it simple.
    Q: I hate this mod! It's too simple! There's not enough numbers! I need lots of things that could make it incompatible with other mods and crash my game!
    A: Okay. Thanks for stopping by.
    Recent changes:
    -Added options for arrows.
    -Fixed another conTROLLer issue.
    -Fixed current health value not displaying when opening the crafting menu with a controller.(Sorry it took so long to get around to this, I've been REALLY busy lately.)
    -Fixed Wolfgang's total health showing decimal places.
    -Added an adaptive colors option.
    -Fixed custom colors not showing up as they should(sorry I didn't notice it not working, I don't typically use this option)
    -Added the option see the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.
    -Added a configuration menu. To find it, go to the main menu, then mods, highlight Simple HUD and a configuration button should appear.
    -The temperature is now displayed, this can be disabled by changing "true" to "false" at the top of modmain.lua
    -Fixed woodie's werebeaver icon bug.




  4. Poop Flinging Fun

    This mod allows you to throw poop! It's fun for the whole family!
    Configuration options:
    -Customizable damage.
    -Explosive poop mode.
    -Flaming poop mode.
    -Recycled poop mode(poop isn't removed after thrown(doesn't work with flammable poop mode enabled since the poop catches fire))
    Recent Changes:
    -Added recycled poop mode.
    -Cleaned up the code.
    -Everything is now applied to guano too.




  5. Hungry With A Chance Of Meatballs

    This mod makes food fall from the sky when it's raining! Not balanced in the least bit!
    Video demonstration by SmithBoysGaming
    About the screenshot:
    It's from when I was first designing the code to make meat fall from the sky. I thought it was funny so I screenshot it. It's not meant to accurately represent how the current version functions. You would have to stand in the same spot while it's raining for a whole day before your screen would fill up with that much food.
    Recent Changes:
    -Added a configuration menu.
    Q: Is this compatible with RoG?
    A: From what I've tested, it is.
    Q: Does it only rain ham?
    A: No, of course not. That would be silly.
    Q: Isn't this a little OP?
    A: There's nothing "little" about how OP it is.
    Q: Are you going to balance it out?
    A: Nope!
    Q: Then what's the point of this mod?
    A: Mods have a point?
    Q: Is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a good movie?
    A: It's an alright family movie but seeing it once is plenty.
    Q: Has anybody actually asked any of these questions?
    A: Not all of them...




  6. James Willems

    This mod allows you to play as James Willems from Inside Gaming! Now with less answers!
    150 Hunger
    150 Sanity
    150 Health
    -Has a highly efficient digestive system.
    -Throws poop and explosive rabbits.
    -Glitchy, keeps getting caught in between worlds.
    Recent Changes:
    -Now with more glitches!
    Before anyone complains about the lack of dialog, I used up most of my good jokes on my Al Bundy mod and nobody uses that, so screw writing a whole new speech file. If anybody wants to write a description for each and every little item in the game then be my guest. I'll use it and give you credit of course.
    This mod was made with love, not contempt. So please lighten up before you complain.




  7. Grenades

    This mod adds 3 new explosive weapons! The grenade, the cluster grenade and the fire bomb!
    The grenade functions as expected. You throw it and it explodes. It's good for crowd control and taking on some of the more threatening and slower moving targets. The recipe is a tallbird egg, gunpowder and a unit of manure.
    The cluster grenade is a bit different. You throw it, it explodes and nine normal grenades explode out, then detonate themselves. It's even better at crowd control and is better suited for highly threatening and even slower moving targets. The recipe is 3 grenades.
    The fire bomb explodes on impact and causes flaming manure to burst out and fly in all directions. The explosion deals a little damage but the fire damage, and massive amount of panic and confusion it causes is surprisingly effective for taking out quick moving targets or targets posing an average threat. The recipe is a bird egg, a torch and one unit of manure.
    The grenade and cluster grenade deal 25% more damage than gunpowder and have a 75% wider explosion radius. But be careful, you can also take damage from all 3 bombs. To help prevent players from instantly dieing from one wrong grenade toss, I made it so the maximum amount of damage the player can take from each grenade is only a third of their total health. You still have to exercise caution, especially with cluster grenades, but it won't be as bad as it could be. All recipes can be found in the weapons tab.




  8. Ash Fertilizer

    For anyone who doesn't know:
    Wood ashes are very good for your garden and almost all plants can benefit from them. In addition to ashes enriching your soil with the valuable nutrients your plants use to grow big and strong, they're also very good for detouring pests like snails, aphids and cutworms. Coincidentally, the nutritional value plants receive from ashes is the reason the rainforests have been decreasing over the years. The local farmers burn them down to enrich the soil for the next growing season. It's not aerosol sprays or car exhaust, no matter what your teacher told you. But as with everything gardening related, always make sure your plants are compatible with the product in question before you apply it.
    What that means to this mod:
    This mod allows you to use ashes as a fertilizer. Click it on anything that needs to be fertilized, the same as you would for manure, rot or guano.
    Ashfarms have also been added. They grow crops slightly faster than improved farms but need to be fertilized way more often and are instantly destroyed by rain. This took so long to implement because I had to wait for the Six Feet Under update, which fixes many bugs with the ashfarms.
    -I want to say I updated it to be compatible with RoG but RoG is now stable enough to support ashfarms on it's own without needing me to change anything.(That's why I didn't bother updating it when RoG was still new.)
    -Fixed crashes related to specific hud sizes. Thanks to HaZ_MiDNighT for helping me troubleshoot this.
    -Added ashfarms by request. It doesn't function as requested but I'm the one running the show here.
    -Fine tuned fertilizer values.
    -Made wetgoop and fish, both fresh and cooked, valid fertilizers as requested.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.




  9. Hard Mode

    Do you need more of a challenge? RoG isn't hard enough? Wes is too easy for you? You think all mods are too OP? Then it's time to nut up or shut up! Get your gear together cause this mod hates you more than could ever imagine and it's just waiting for you to screw up. And when you do, it will be there to make sure you die a slow, painful, agonizing death.
    What this mod does:
    Your movement speed is scaled directly to your health. The less health you have, the slower you move. That's just the beginning. Hunger is another factor. You'll move even slower if you're hungry. Let me guess, you think being full will prevent that right? Pfft, think again. Being too full will slow you down, too. I hope you're good at managing your hunger. Now before you go thinking this is too cruel, I put in a limit to how slow you can move. You can still move really slow but it won't be as bad as it could be. So don't say I never did anything nice for you.
    How much damage you do also scales in direct relation to your health and hunger. Low on either? Haha, your spear will break long before your enemy does. Did I mention you also get hungry 25% faster? I hope you're a fast runner. Oh... Right... The movement speed thing...
    Not impressed, yet? Well, try this one on for size, homeboy. Every time you're attacked, you have a fair chance of a getting something vital ripped open. What does that mean? What the hell do you think?? It means you could bleed to death! While you're bleeding, you'll lose 2 health points and 1 sanity point a second until you heal yourself. Oh, and don't expect meatballs or flowers to save you. Nope, you'll need something stronger to stop the bleeding. I hope you're resourceful.
    I know what you're thinking, "What about sanity?" Hahaha! Does any of this look sane to you?? No. Everybody's sanity drops over time. And by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. "Including mod characters?" you ask? What kind of pathetic amateur do you take me for?? Of course them too! Nobody is safe from anything in this mod! And we're just getting started. If your sanity drops below a certain percentage, you can't use tools anymore. It doesn't end there, either. If it drops below a second point, you can't even do things like harvest crops, grass, twigs or even pick flowers. Don't lose your mind out there cause you may never get it back.
    Still too easy? Don't worry, princess. I've got you covered. Everything that attacks you also does an additional 35% damage and 25% of that damage is deducted from your sanity. Oh and Charlie, aka Grue? Yeah, she instantly kills you now. Yep, one hit kill. Every. Single. Time. Keep that torch close. Now you're probably thinking things like resurrection stones and meat effigies will save you. HAHAHA, guess what. Being resurrected cuts off a third of your total health. Permanently. Every time. Forever. Two resurrections and Wilson's maximum health is at 66 points! Getting it, yet? Haha, and reloading a save? Yeah, that won't change a thing. Like I said, it's permanent!
    I know what you're thinking, "Is that where it ends? Can I stop reading now?" Haha, not even close. Every time you eat something, there's a chance the smell of your food and the sound of you eating will attract hounds. This ain't no picnic, son, this is survival! Do you enjoy building your base up? You won't for long! Every time you build something, there's a chance a stray murderous robot will come running out of the woods. But that should be no problem for you, right? Well then how about this? Chopping down trees may wake up tentacles sleeping underground and they won't be happy with you disturbing them. Mining boulders? Yep, spiders might be hiding under them. This world is overflowing with lifeforms! It's too bad they're all so hungry. The dead lifeforms, too. Speaking of which, did I mention there's a decent chance a ghost will rise from a recently killed corpse? Yeah, that's a thing now, too.
    But wait, dogs, robots and spiders? Big whoop, am I right? Well it's a big whoop now. Very big. Every monster in the game now has a chance to be much bigger than the types you're used to. If they look bigger then that means they have more health, do more damage and move faster. But that's not all. There's yet another chance it will spawn as a "mega version". What's a mega version? Something that only little babies would be scared of. You're not a little baby... are you?
    While you're furrowing your brow in a vain attempt to answer that last question, let me ask you another. Do you remember how your inventory used to have 15 slots? And did you notice how I just now said, "used to"? Yep, your inventory has been cut in half. You now have seven slots to make miracles happen before you die. Oh and your map? It resets every night. Only sissies hide behind paperwork to keep themselves alive. Real survivors use paper for only one thing and you're not going to have time for that, not with all the dying you'll be doing.
    Is all of this sounding too hard? Then let me say it one last time, nut up or shut up.




  10. Size Matters

    Now before you get all up in a huff, keep in mind the name is just a joke. We all know size doesn't really matter. Except when it does. Which is all the time.
    What this mod does:
    Everything's size is directly related to it's health. As it takes damage, it shrinks and it's speed decreases. However, not it's attack damage. This is applied to everything with health, including you.




  11. Better Drying Racks

    Do you want jerky but you accidentally cooked all of your meat over a fire, again? Well, this mod allows you to put cooked meats on drying racks. Cooked meats create the same jerky as their uncooked variants.
    Additionally, jerky spoil times are now easily adjustable via the configuration menu.




  12. Walls Drop Walls

    Accidentally place a wall in the wrong place? Want to expand your base? Don't want to use up all your resources for something that's mostly cosmetic? Not a problem anymore. This mod makes it so when you hammer a wall, the wall will drop it's self. Try not to think too hard about that.
    Q: Wait, I'm confused, what does this do?
    A: Build a wall. Hammer the wall. Get the wall back, instead of some of the wall's recipe ingredients.
    Q: Is this compatible with RoG?
    Q: This is OP.
    A: No it's not.
    Q: Well I think it's OP.
    A: Then don't use it.
    Q: Will this work with other mods that add new walls?
    A: Probably not.
    Q: Will you make it compatible with those mods?
    A: No.
    Q: The display picture confuses me.
    A: Then stop looking at it.




  13. More Realistic Beehives

    For those who don't know:
    In nature, when a bee colony grows too large, or when the hive has two queen bees that won't fight to the death, the colony will divide in half and half of the bees will accompany the leaving queen to form a new hive some place nearby.
    What that means to this mod:
    When a hive grows old enough, it's bees will work together to form a new beehive somewhere close by. That's pretty much it. In a nutshell, this makes honeycomb a renewable resource.
    Recent Changes:
    -Killer Bee Hives can now also divide, optional, off by default.
    -Bee Boxes can now also create beehives, optional, off by default.




  14. No Flower Picking!

    I made this for my own personal use but then I thought maybe other people might like it too so here it is. If you like then use it, if not don't.
    If you're like me, and I know I am, then you usually hold the spacebar down while your character works through a patch of grass, twigs or even trees, picking chopping or what have you. And sometimes you'll find your character automatically picking flowers in the process, which may not be something you want them to do. Well, this mod allows you to disable flower picking with either the keyboard, mouse or even both! For example, you can disable flower picking with the keyboard and still pick them manually with your mouse! Or vice versa! Or neither! No longer do you have to watch flower petals slowly rot in your inventory or worry about your bees not making honey due to your ham-fisted, haphazardous flower picking.
    Recent Changes:
    -Updated to include the picking of evil flowers.




  15. Lighter Logs

    This is a very tiny and very simple mod that allows logs, gold, spider glands, lureplant bulbs, manure, guano, spider eggs, living logs, boards, cut stone, rope, honeycombs and all foods to stack up to 40.
    -Increased maximum stack size for honeycomb.
    -Increased maximum stack size for all foods.
    -Increased maximum stack size for living logs, boards, cut stone, and rope to 40 too.
    -Added .tex display picture, thanks to Simplex's png-tex converter for Linux(and macs too I guess)!
    -Increased maximum stack size for lureplant bulbs, manure, guano, and spider eggs to 40 too.
    -Increased maximum stack size for gold and spider glands to 40 too.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment.




  16. Super Mushroom Brothers

    This mod adds two new mushrooms, the Super Mushroom and the Mini Mushroom. The Super Mushroom will make you larger, while the Mini Mushroom will make you small.
    While under the effect of either, health, damage and movement speed all scale in relation to the eater. The effect lasts for about 20 seconds. Eating more of the same kind of mushroom increases the duration of the effect. Eating mushrooms of the opposite type will reduce the time, or it will reverse the eater's size, depending on much time is left.
    Both mushrooms have a chance of randomly appearing in certain situations. To name a few, one may appear while you're chopping down trees, picking flowers, digging up grass or even just walking around.
    They have a perish time of 30 days. They provide no hunger or sanity benefits. Technically, they provide no direct health benefits either but the act of growing larger increases your health.
    NOTE: In the caves, they count as a vegetable but every where else, they're a meat. I know it doesn't make any sense but I had to make it that way so spiders, hounds and such will eat any laying around(in case you're wondering why anyone would want a Mini Mushroom). But I made them a vegetable in the caves so Bunnymen won't attack you for having them in your inventory.
    I'm aware this isn't totally balanced and I don't care. I made it so everyone's world of Don't Starve will be a little more fun and magical.
    Recent Changes:
    -Fixed a crash related to caves.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.




  17. Examine Traps First

    This mod disables picking up tooth traps with the keyboard! Now you can just hold the spacebar to automatically pickup any drops near your tooth traps without fear of picking up the traps themselves. To pick up your active tooth traps, you have to examine them with your mouse first.
    Recent Changes:
    -Fixed a logical oversight(my bad).




  18. Grease Fires

    For anyone who doesn't already know:
    Animal fat is flammable. Experienced barbecuers will tell you it's not uncommon for a barbecue fires to grow larger the longer fatty meats are cooked over them. What could be only a few small embers can grow into a adequate heat source even before the meat is fully cooked. In fact, putting foods into fires and timing how long it takes for the food to become completely burnt is one of the ways researchers determine how many calories are in the food. Even the earliest of settlers knew of animal fat's flammable values and used it to stay warm and keep fires going.
    What that means to this mod:
    In case it wasn't obvious by now, this mod will slightly increase a fire's lifespan when meat is cooked over it. And, well, that's it. Pretty nifty, huh? A small, simple mechanic that I always felt should have been in the game.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.




  19. Woodie Ignores Full Moons

    Woodie no longer transforms into a werebeaver during full moons. He will still transform when he chops down too many trees but that's it, that's all this mod does. It's just another five-minute, request-fulfilling mod. I have no idea if this has been done before and I really don't care.




  20. More Realistic Honey

    A quick lesson on the realistic shelf life of honey:
    Honey, arguably, doesn't spoil. In normal storage conditions, it will only thicken and crystallize. You can return it to it's normal, non-crystallized state by putting it in a glass jar(if it's not already in one) and putting that jar into a pot of boiling water. The heat will cause it to decrystallize and become as good as new! Just don't heat the honey to it's boiling point as that will make it lose some of it's flavor.
    What that means to this mod:
    This mod allows you to cook honey over a campfire to get a fresh unit of honey. Also, instead of turning into rot, it will now turn into a new prefab, "crystallized honey", which doesn't spoil and can also be cooked over a fire for a fresh unit of honey. Eating crystallized honey without cooking it first will cause a slight sanity loss and it has a hunger value that's about a third of normal honey.
    -Increased honey's spoilage level when cooked over a fire.
    -Adjusted the shelf life of honey again.
    -Added a new prefab "crystallized honey". See above for how it works.
    -Doubled the spoil time of honey.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.




  21. More Fuel

    This mod allows nitre, stingers, hound teeth, spiderwebs, pigskin, feathers, beefalo horns, tools and bush and spider queen hats to be used as fuel in campfires! All monster meat variants and evil flowers refuel night lights! Allows moggles to accept fireflies, lightbulbs, slurtle slime and other similar fuels! Honey refuels lanterns! Also adds recipes for glow berries and lightbulbs and gives lightbulbs an extremely long shelf life(the same as powdercakes).
    -Made traps and bird traps valid campfire fuels.
    -Moggles now accept fireflies, lightbulbs, slurtle slime and other similar fuels.
    -Added recipe for glow berries.
    -Removed fireflies as a valid lantern fuel because using fireflies as fuel for lanterns has become part of the vanilla setup.(Modder victory!)
    -Made beefalo horns a valid campfire fuel.
    -Evil flower petals and monster meats(raw, uncooked, jerky and lasagna) now refuel nightlights.
    -Spider queen hats and bush hats are now a campfire fuel.
    -Added a new .tex thumbnail, thanks to Simplex's png-tex converter for Linux(and macs too I guess).
    -Lightbulbs were made perishable again, because of an issue with cave chests, and instead were given a very long perish time. This may change again in the future.
    -Lightbulbs no longer spoil.
    -Made pigskin and feathers a valid campfire fuel.
    -Partial French language translation added; Translated by John2022! Please let me know if there are any issues with the translated version.
    -Updated for Hunger update.
    -Retooled the lightbulb recipe.
    -Made spiderwebs a valid fuel for campfires.
    -Made hounds teeth and all tools able to be used in campfires. Gold tools burn brighter.
    -Lowered how much fuel fireflies add to the lantern.
    -Made honey a valid lantern fuel.
    -Updated the mod so it no longer overwrites lua files! This will dramatically increase the chance the mod will work after an update. If you were one of the first people who downloaded this mod, redownload the latest version.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment.




  22. Technicolor Nightmare

    This mod adds a little color to your world. And by "a little", I mean "a lot". Like a whole lot. Increased by a bunch. Basically, anything that can have a rainbow effect applied to it, does. So when you ask, "How come object X doesn't have a rainbow effect?" Remember, it's because it simply can't be applied. Oh and rainbow butterflies will fly out of your body every time you're hit.
    Aside from that, this mod adds nothing. It's just a lot of eye candy.
    Recent Changes:
    -Text is now affected.(also optional)
    -Added a configuration menu.
    -Refined the rainbow effect's color algorithm. Everything now cycles through a variety of colors.




  23. Followers For Life

    This mod makes it so any followers you recruit will remain your follower for the rest of their life. It was never intended for serious gameplay and I have no intention of balancing it out.
    Tired of the werepigs? Try this mod.
    I made this mod because it was requested and because I was just bored enough to actually make it. No, this doesn't mean I'll make your mod. Sorry, it's nothing personal.
    Recent Changes:
    -Fine tuned the code. Should now be more compatible with mods that add followers who aren't time based, if any exist.
    -Fixed broken clockworks not following you when repaired.
    -Fixed hatched small birds not following you.




  24. Like Lightning

    This mod adds two hats: Bison's hat and a Pikachu hat. Both hats are functionally identical.
    How they work:
    Lightning will strike anything you attack AND lightning will strike anything that attacks you while you're wearing either hat.
    -Manual mode:
    I also added a manual lightning strike mechanism, where you can right click any spot on the ground(or right click the hat from your hat equip slot) and lightning will strike whatever you're pointing your mouse at.
    (!!)Right now, it uses the spellcaster component, which means manual mode only works if you have something in your hands. I had to make it that way or else the game would crash when you tried to use it without something in your hands.(!!)
    How to use:
    Craft either hat from the clothing tab and equip it. It's just that easy! To craft the Pikachu hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and a rabbit.(Yes, I know Pikachu is a mouse but eh, close enough.) To craft Bison's hat, you need a miner's hat, 5 pieces of gold and 5 spider glands.
    Recent Changes:
    -Fixed lightening striking anything that's attacked.(I can't believe it took me so long to notice this.)
    Hilarious, OP, and more importantly, fun. Obviously I could spend a lot of time trying to take most of the fun out of it by balancing it out and all that, BUT instead I decided the only restriction would be a spoil time. You can use the hat as much as you want for 15 days. After 15 days, it turns back into a miner's hat.
    Before anyone says it:
    Yes, I know the hats look like crap, especially the Pikachu hat. If you want to make a better looking hat and contribute it, I'll use it, and of course give you credit for it, but for now, that's all I've got. In short, this is for people who like to have fun, not for people who only care about how games look.
    If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them.




  25. Al Bundy

    Have you ever found yourself watching Married With Children and thought to yourself, "I wish my life was as good as Al's"? Well, I've got good news for you. Now you can momentarily ignore your tragic life and depressing problems just long enough to pretend you're Al Bundy, thanks to this mod!
    Character specs:
    25 Hunger
    25 Sanity
    250 Health
    Al doesn't lose sanity at dusk and he takes less hunger damage when he's starving.
    Because of his athletic background and years spent stealing other people's food when they're not looking and running away, Al has an increased movement speed. This is further increased when he's starving.
    Thanks to Al getting into fights with people at the nudey bar on a nearly daily basis, Al also has increased damage. This is further increased when he's starving.
    His lack of daily nutrition has conditioned his body to quickly absorb anything he eats, which means he gets hungry much quicker. He can also eat things most people cannot, including but not limited to: pinecones, bugs, lureplant bulbs and even paper.
    Al is lucky enough to get blown up, set on fire, crushed by fat women at the shoe store and assaulted by his wife on a regular basis so his body is also used to quickly recovering. As a result, Al regenerates health when he's not starving. How fast he regenerates health scales in relation to his hunger points. The more full Al is, the faster he regenerates health.
    When Al escaped his life in Chicago, he remembered to bring his Big'uns magazine. Reading it regenerates a forth of your max sanity. He also starts with the blueprints for a football helmet and his beloved Official No Ma'am Shirt. His shirt increases maximum sanity by 25 and maximum health by 50, giving him a total of 50 and 300, respectively. It also prevents starvation damage from taking away health when your health drops down to 10(you can still die in every other way so don't get cocky). As an added bonus, it also gives him an official No Ma'am beer gut.
    Recent changes:
    -Completely removed his shirt's sanity regen function as the magazine's percentage based sanity restoring function made it obsolete.
    -Tweaked Big'uns magazine; no longer restores health on use, now restores a forth of your max sanity.
    -Tweaked the No Ma'am shirt; dropped sanity regen down to 1 every 10 seconds, while equipped your last 10 health points will not be affected by starvation damage.
    -Speed and damage boosts/debuffs now scale in relation to your hunger and health points.
    -Health regeneration now scales.
    -Fixed pigs eating food specific to only Al.
    -The damage Al takes from starvation now scales.
    -Tweaked the damage indicator overlay so it won't stand out as much when he's starving but will still be noticeable.
    -Al no longer loses sanity during dusk. Sanity loss at night is unchanged.
    -Fixed an issue with resurrection stones and other such things.
    -Al is accustomed to going hungry so don't be afraid of starvation. The health loss from starving is lessened with Al and his health regeneration can quickly undo lost health.
    -Try to let Al reach starvation when you know you're about to explore or go into combat. Al's starvation boosts his speed and damage, making both exploration and combat easier.
    -Eating things like monster meat is also not a problem for Al. The health loss is negated by his health regeneration and the sanity loss is negated by his Big'Uns magazine.
    -Most importantly, try to think outside the box. Don't let me tell you how to play. Experiment and you may be surprised to find how resilient Al is.
    If you think this mod is too hard or even balanced, you're wrong. If anything Al Bundy is actually OP. You just have to learn a new playstyle to survive.
    This is not the mod's final version. There's still a lot of dialog to rewrite and other changes could happen.