Wilfre, Shadow Raposa 1.1

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Presenting to you the villian of the game Drawn to Life! 
(You don't need to know that game to understand the mod.) 

Wilfre found himself inside the universe of Don't Starve. But his arts and crafts are as dark and ominous as the world that tries to defeat him. Utilize your wits, your sense of survivability and your trusty Book of Life to prevent yourself from starving! 

  • Use the Book of Life to summon minions! 
  • Explore the worlds you play in to discover more minions! 
  • Very small chance of being mildly affected by nightmare fuel to the point of having a shadow stat and badge and a shadow form including combat buffs and insanity penalty and all that jazz, you'll figure it out. 

This mod requires Tomes of Knowledge to function!

Got any questions? Ask away! 

Wilfre sprites by the wonderful Ysulyan 
Shadow Wilfre sprites by HalfAShark 
Code and concept by Mobbstar 

The original character "Wilfre" belongs to 5th Cell Games. Cheers, guys!


Initial content:

  • New playable character Wilfre
    • Unique character sprites
    • Unique character voice
    • Wilfre has a shadow form
      • Unique shadow sprites
      • ColourCube changes ambiance hue
      • Various stats affect each other
      • Wilfre has a (at first hidden) stat
        • Shadows and some edibles now have "shadow" aura/value
        • Custom badge shows when in shadow form
  • New item Book of Life
    • Spawns with Wilfre
    • Unique item sprites
    • Shows dialogue with many buttons when used
    • Automatically consumes Torn Life Pages
  • New item Torn Life Page
    • Spawn naturally
      • One per world
      • If Wilfre is playing
      • If a life page is still locked
    • Automatically unlock their respective page when consumed by Book of Life
    • Unlocking a page allows Wilfre to summon the respective minion from the Book of Life
  • First batch of minions
    • Shadow Crawler (spider)
    • Shadow Machine (research)
    • Shadow Fountain (turret)
    • Shadow Pickspade (multitool)
    • Shadow Sweeper (bat)
  • Forces "Tomes of Knowledge" mod to be enabled (with custom, reusable module)
  • Using PersistentData by debugman to save unlocked pages
    • Widget in main menu for viewing unlocked pages
  • Removed Pelontrix


What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • Added hovertext/tooltip for Book of Life
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