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  1. Wall Math

    Have you ever wondered why repairing walls takes three times as many wall items than placing those walls took? It's pretty stupid.
    This mod makes repairing walls vastly more effective and thus cheaper. To balance this, walls start at their smallest stage when placed. This can be changed in the mod config options.
    Furthermore, repairing walls with their main resource is now exactly as effective as using wall items (ignoring additional materials like rope for wood walls). Not sure if Klei couldn't do basic arithmetic, or if they intentionally made six rocks be significantly worse than the walls you can craft with them. Now the maths check out!
    Also on Steam Workshop:




  2. Extended Sound Mod Tutorial

    Based on this:
    This project is a complimentary one to help you understand FMOD, and to give you an idea of how to make complex sounds.
    Open the README.txt for more info.




  3. Industrial Resolution [discontinued]

    This mod introduces electricity and machinery to Don't Starve
    Do you want to fight Maxwell?
    Do you want to show the shadows who's boss?
    No revolution is complete without Coal and Electricity!
    If you agree with the above point, then this mod is like made for you. It introduces electricity and machinery to Don't Starve, without (wanting to) ignore its amazing feel of uncertainity and artistic developement.

    Unlike most mods, this one is split up into several modules. As such, you can install the parts you want and don't need the rest! Furthermore, updating is easier. And of course this allows for third-party modules, the Treeslacoil by @Corrosive for instance.
    The following official modules are currently available:
    BASE brings electricity itself. This is the core mod, you need to install it. CRAFTWORKS allows advanced crafting. Being cheaper, but more complicated, this mod is ideal for whoever is concerned about resource management. UTILITY is tool- and survival-orientated. It offers electric alternatives for most basic elements needed to stay alive. MILITARY brings weapons, armour and miscellanious combat entities. This is what you want if you came here thinking of laser guns, power fists and electric fence. Robotics is not functional. Use at your sole discretion. Documentation

    If you install and enable Tomes of Knowledge, you can find or craft an in-game guide. It magically scientifically expands with updates. It should give you the idea, and is highly recommended. For more detailed information, read the changelogs or the source code.
    The old documentation thread is here. You might enjoy reading this story as well.

    All modules are compatible with DS base and DS RoG. They are also compatible with ShipWrecked, though some things might not work, as this is not a high priority. DST support is possible in future but unlike as it stands.
    Industrial Resolution includes minor World Generation stuff and edits some game objects. In general, it should be 100% compatible with any other mod. If you notice problems in this regard, please do not hesitate to inform me!
    This modpack supports the following mods:
    Hack the Planet (options for electricitiy) Tomes of Knowledge (guide book) Steam Biome Up & Away (Storm Choke and Cloud Centrifuge become available, including ToK pages) If you want to see more cross-mod, tell me please!

    I want to thank the following people for helping in the creation of Industrial Resolution:
    @Folthan for drawing the LED and giving me that software
    @NoobModder for drawing several IRM objects
    @Estel for praise and feedback
    @Mikeloeven for telling me to just do it and giving me that other software
    All users who suggested content or changes for their interest
    You for reading all of this and being (presumably) awesome




  4. Carnassial Teeth

    Sick of waiting for hound attacks for getting more hound teeth? No longer! With this simple mod, some monsters drop teeth very similiar to hound teeth, which can be used for all the same things.
    Note that this doesn't affect very common monsters such as spiders (those barely hurt when biting), but a lot of cave creatures.
    Compatible with everything
    As suggested by Gotheran.




  5. OwOcus

    *sneezes on you and notices your spear* OwO wha-ha-hatchoo!

    Steam Workshop


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  6. Mr. Boof's Wild Ride

    All aboard! This mod is so good, it will make you play for hours on end.

    Known incompatibilities:
    - Don't Play Together




  7. Tiled - tileset

    Updated version of Kzisor's tileset for the modding program "Tiled". Usage is explained thoroughly in Jack Slender's (outdated) tutorial thread. Keep in mind that this tileset is 64x64 before creating your setpiece and importing it!
    All tiles up until the first "wall" are basegame surface. All tiles after the first "wall" and before "fake" are basegame caves. All tiles from "fake" on are shipwrecked (not available in DST). "WALL" tiles are invalid, as they aren't meant for flooring. "FAKE (DST)" is the fake floor in DST (used in Atrium), but the beach sand in sW. "Lava" is defined as volcano lava, but doesn't actually exist. The empty purple frames are undefined and thus invalid. The tiles should all be recognisable, feel free to ask if unsure.


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  8. HUD Hotkey

    Feel almighty as you toggle the GUI at the push of a button.
    Configurable in-game to set your own shortcut.




  9. Soulful Alchemy

    Dissolve, brew, enchant, summon, craft, reap, et cetera!
    This mod adds a flexible alchemy and potion system and a new kind of magic tech tree. The two branches unite in the powerful spell ritual system.
    I recommend installing Tomes of Knowledge, it allows you to acquire helpful books and make alchemy notes.
    In the magic tab, there's the so-called Alchemical Distiller. It requires an alchemy engine to unlock (Who'd have thought). Using it, you can extract effects from various ingredients and put them into potions. Combining several ingredients can remove effects or create new ones! Thus experimentation can prove important... or deadly.
    By adding the right kinds of ingredients, you can even synthesise regular items (e.g. tentacle spike) or discover unique alchemical items (e.g. mandrake seeds).
    It is recommended to make actual notes when experimenting. Also make notes of which potion is which, since their properties do not perfectly reflect their effects.
    Soul Magic
    When playing around with magic, you might stumble upon the Sinister Tabernacle. It is the first step of a journey you will learn to love and regret at the same time.
    To make any soul items, you will need souls (Who'd have thought). The first method to acquire those is spinning a Dream Catcher, it will catch the soul of any sentient creature dying near it (e.g. pigmen).
    Spell Nidus
    When you are confident with basic alchemy and wrapped your head around souls (figuratively and literally), you can try to make a spell circle with Ghastly Candles. Placing the right objects in it lets you cast a spell. [advanced guide]
    Finding a spell is difficult, and moreover dangerous. In the worst case, you could summon a giant and not even notice. Only the luckiest can find a Tome of Knowledge to teach them all spells there are.
    Mobbstar - Me, the project leader and coder Klei - made Don't Starve, the game this mod is for, and also most textures used in it @Lampofulmine - Ghastly Candle texture @Theinsanefruitloop - Alkahest texture @ImDaMisterL - misc. rune textures (Boss Music) Plans in Motion by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    If you want to support this mod somehow, feel free to contact me!
    Please report all and any bugs you find!
    If you want to stay up-to-date, follow to the file using the upper-right button!
    [Original Forum Thread]




  10. Tomes of Knowledge

    This mod introduces guide books to the world of Don't Starve, which is focusing on mod support though. Those guides can spawn at the starting point of a world, somewhere along a road, or by custom means (starting inventory, event, setpiece, etc.)
    The books have text or images with or without headers spread across a virtually unlimited amount of pages. To navigate that many pages, there's the option to make a Table of Contents (index page).
    Using this mod helps you understand the core principles of the game and bigger mods, such as Industrial Resolution (where the idea originates from)! But why stop there? This mod is perfectly capable of making interactively expanding guides, and the Table of Contents also serves as spellbook!
    Your RAM is the limit!
    If you want to make a tome of knowledge for your own mod, check out the readme.txt in the main folder! The six base tomes will help you troubleshooting, and I will too if it's necessary.
    Have a nice day!




  11. Wilfre, Shadow Raposa

    Presenting to you the villian of the game Drawn to Life! 
    (You don't need to know that game to understand the mod.) 

    Wilfre found himself inside the universe of Don't Starve. But his arts and crafts are as dark and ominous as the world that tries to defeat him. Utilize your wits, your sense of survivability and your trusty Book of Life to prevent yourself from starving! 
    Use the Book of Life to summon minions!  Explore the worlds you play in to discover more minions!  Very small chance of being mildly affected by nightmare fuel to the point of having a shadow stat and badge and a shadow form including combat buffs and insanity penalty and all that jazz, you'll figure it out.  This mod requires Tomes of Knowledge to function!
    Got any questions? Ask away! 

    Wilfre sprites by the wonderful Ysulyan 
    Shadow Wilfre sprites by HalfAShark 
    Code and concept by Mobbstar 

    The original character "Wilfre" belongs to 5th Cell Games. Cheers, guys!
    Initial content:




  12. Love Vision

    For when you want to see things through rose-coloured glasses, this mod is perfect!
    In DST, it's even more rosey!




  13. AFK Auto-Pause

    Have you ever had to quickly leave your PC and couldn't be bothered to hit Escape? Now there's help with that. By using this mod, the game will detect when you haven't done in-game things for a while and, once that is the case, pause for you. No longer must Wilson suffer under inactivity.
    Configure the waiting time: From 1 second to 3 minutes, choose whatever you prefer.
    Pause Screen/Menu (true pause) - Equivalent to hitting "Escape" Freeze Time - Halts all in-game processes, but HUD, UI and even inventory still work normally. Click into the world to resume. Slow Time - For whatever reason, this mode exists to let Wilson do the "Matrix" moves. Except that he is idle and time resumes normally once he moves. Tip: Use "Freeze Time" mode with "1 second" delay to make Don't Starve (almost pseudo-) turn-based!
    Is this mod compatible with Time To Craft?
    Yes it is, though there may be counter-intuitive interaction. Does this mod use the so-called "soft stop" with "timescale" and such?
    Yes, if you select either time warping mode, it does. This mod crashes/freezes/kills my game!
    Make sure it actually is this mod that causes the problem, then write a rough report to me. Ideally, include "log.txt" as described on the bug tracker. When will this mod come to Together?
    Think about it for a moment and realise just how fundamentally flawed this question is.




  14. CAPY_DLC Fix

    This simple mod adds a variable needed to run other mods.
    Only use this if mods crash your game with an error about global "CAPY_DLC" being nil/not declared.




  15. Cute Survival Plushies

    This mod adds plushies to your game, which are mostly decorative, but often have a minor helpful effect, especially if they are hard to acquire.
    Compatible with: DS base, DS RoG DLC, DST (host); Incompatible with: DST (client)
    This mod is proudly presented to you by the Cuddle Collab:
    Gotheran "Knows how to salt" - Concepts, Quotations
    ThaumicParrot "Sketchy Fellow" - Drawings
    ImDaMisterL "Lord of the Strings" - Quotations
    Mobbstar "Mad Coder" - Plushie Pipeline, Coding
    Fidooop "Modding from Afar" - DST Coding
    To get hold of a plushie, it's often just a matter of luck when combatting the corresponding creature. Some plushies can only be acquired by special means, e.g., mandrake dolls are found burried in mounds, glommer toy is rarely in his goop;
    This is a list of available plushies and what they do:
    Please tell us how you like this mod! We like feedback!
    If you encounter bugs or issues, feel free to post here!
    You can stay up-to-date using the "follow" button to the top-right of this page.




  16. Dleowolf's Dusk Disc

    This mysterious disc plays uneasy, but fitting music. The mysterious part is: It changes with the season.
    Now there are four individual discs for the specific seasons too!
    Music by Dragon Wolf Leo a.k.a. Dleowolf




  17. Jukebox Remastered

    This is a new version of Original by EmielRegis (the original download includes discs).
    "Hello all. I want to describe you my first mod. "Jukebox" simply plays music (yes! lol) that's on inserted disc. I made it becouse I wanted something to kill time during night, when I usually just making circles around firepit" -EmielRegis
    To play music, you need to install and enable disc mods. Those mods are seperate from the jukebox mod, the respective author is responsible for each disc of his or her.
    The jukebox introduces its own crafting tab. After making a jukebox, plant it down and insert a disc. You can toggle the volume while open and right-click the jukebox to turn it on or off.
    I am looking into some kind of portable mode.
    Please report any bugs that may occur.




  18. Mod Music Manager

    This is a component for managing special mod music. Try to use it if you can. If you need a practical example, check out Soulful Alchemy.
    Don't mind the DirectorNode stuff, I was just too lazy to remove it.
    If you have any questions or concerns, tell me please!




  19. Adventure+ (Lost Shard)

    Do you seek a new challenge? Do you feel confident with the "easy" base Don't Starve? Are you bored or a try-hard?
    Using this strange mod, you can access an exciting and entirely new adventure campaign, featuring its own dialogue, world design, pain, issues, reward, etc.
    Five unique and bizzare worlds await you: (warning, spoiler!)
    The first trial, however, is to access this new adventure. Do cudgel your brain about it. Yes, that's a hint right there
    Not to be confused with the "Lost Fragment" mod.
    (And for the love of science, don't try to use this mod with SW, it will not work)




  20. Sight Helper

    Compatible with everything: DS base, RoG, DST (not SW as that is not released at the time of updating)
    This mod aims to improve the game for very short-sighted people who can't see the tiny symbols and can't read the condensed text. It increases the size inventory tiles and widens all text. The original request is here: LINK
    You can change the scales in the Mod Configuration. It is located in the Mod Selection screen, when you hover over this mod.
    This mod is also available on Steam Workshop.
    If you have suggestions for what else needs to be scaled up and how, feel free to leave a comment.
    Also check out the Color-Free Cue mod!




  21. Better Blood-Over

    This mod shows the bloodover when you're injured. You can configure it in the mods screen!
    Now works in DST. Client-only mod (works on unmodded servers too).
    Warning: Overheating may not show bloodover now. This should be negligible since the overheating overlay still works.




  22. Cosmo the Moon Crow

    This mod adds a chance for a mysterious crow to accompany Otto von Chesterfield. It has magical powers and hunger, wouldn't you know this could be benefical.
    This crow is based on the insane fruitloops oc-ish crow.




  23. Questastic!

    Are you not sure what to do? Are you bored? Are you in need of great decision-making?
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you... the Quest Giver! This handy machine analyzes your situation at the pull of a lever, and tells you exactly what to do! Occasionally, these tasks yield great bounty! It works in any enviroment: underwater, in vacuum, on fire, filled with malicious aura, truly anything*! It can be used indefinitely, and that without fee or fuel! Get your Quest Giver today!
    *fire and malicious aura not confirmed
    The Quest Giver comes with a free copy of "dummymod", which explains how to add quests using the makeshift API. Yes you heard right: a mod that allows mod support!
    ~#* This mod is Abanadanodened! If you can make it awesome, do so and give credit! *#~




  24. Nostalgic Mainscreen

    The first thing I thought when playing RoG was "I hate this purple!". Ten minutes coding and forty minutes assembling cool previews later (= time of writing), I have finished a lil' neat mod that changes the main screen's background colour!
    You can choose different styles in the mod config screen.




  25. Strom the Tree

    Art by Papukaijah (Mr. Parrot Man) (only on Steam)
    Code by Mobbstar
    "I'm just a tree."
    Strom is a happy walking talking tree man. He really is just a tree.
    Did I mention that he has a pet? Yes that's right, Lampy the friendly firefly fellow follows Strom wherever he goes, unless he tells it to stay.
    Lampy's light is especially good since Strom has trouble with chopping trees. Genocide isn't all that sane, you know? Also avoid fire as you'd spread it. Strom is just a tree after all.
    Please report bugs, crashes, issues, suggestions, and that Mr. Parrot Man and I are super awesome.