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About This File

This mod introduces guide books to the world of Don't Starve, which is focusing on mod support though. Those guides can spawn at the starting point of a world, somewhere along a road, or by custom means (starting inventory, event, setpiece, etc.)

The books have text or images with or without headers spread across a virtually unlimited amount of pages. To navigate that many pages, there's the option to make a Table of Contents (index page).


Using this mod helps you understand the core principles of the game and bigger mods, such as Industrial Resolution (where the idea originates from)! But why stop there? This mod is perfectly capable of making interactively expanding guides, and the Table of Contents also serves as spellbook!

Your RAM is the limit!

If you want to make a tome of knowledge for your own mod, check out the readme.txt in the main folder! The six base tomes will help you troubleshooting, and I will too if it's necessary.

Have a nice day!

What's New in Version 2.3   See changelog


  • Added hovertext/tooltip support for Table of Contents
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User Feedback

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I really, really like the alchemical in-lore books explaining recipes. It was great read, esp that content was fitting to the circumstances of finding it ;) I think Industrial Resolution could use in-lore introduction book, too - preferably also findable in-game, instead of start-spawned (or configurable).

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Why do you always place your feedback when I'm close to updating a mod :(

J/k I will be able to improve the IR tome immensely with the update of ToK.

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I hope this time's feedback comes on time (semi-tautology not intended) ;) Awesome changes! I really like the in-lore tomes for base game. Although, on "default" spawning option, they were just randomly found in the world, lying on ground, many times on non-quite appropriate places - it would be great, if in next versions, they would be "tied" to specific set pieces, like alchemical books.

For example, tome about cave could be found somewhere in first cave's level (next to skeleton?), tome about giants inside something that look like completely ruined small base (you know, like stomped om by big foot, or devastated by Deerclop/Dragonfly - ruined walls and burned constructions), etc.

Apart from such polish - really, really great work! I will suggest that "Waiter 101" implement some of their recipes, in their thread.


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