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Adds hailstorms to the game.

Every time rain starts there is small chance it will turn into hailstorm.

Hailstorm falling from the sky will:

-dmg player, unless you avoid falling objects

-add wetnes to the player

-put out fires

-shake of crops from farms,

-shake of grass, twigs and berry bushes

What's New in Version 0.1   See changelog


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This is pretty neat idea! I tested it in game and it fits wel,l albeit I think that it could use some tweaking (configurable, possibly?):

1. It does damage the player, but mobs are completely immune. It would be nice if it would treat living things equally ;)

2. The wetness increase is absolutely insane - couple of seconds, and it gets to 100. Much more severe than even heavier thunderstorm with wall-of-rain from the sky. It could use some nerfing.

3. IMO the hailstorm should be severe (inc. damaging structures if it hit them), but last only a short while (no longer than 30 seconds to minute). Now, it seems to last as long as the rain would last, which - especially on spring - makes it both unrealistic and total overkill. Spring hailstorm mean 100% death chance if it happens in first few days on a new game (even if player got super-dodging skills and avoid 99% of hits), and later in game, the only way to survive the meteor ice shower is retreating to caves, as hailstorm can last for whole days. *Nothing* will help you avoid dying for that long, esp. if you consider 100% wetness mentioned in point 2.


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