actualization(现实化) 1.1

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··The augmented reality Mod 】

The night kyle made

1. The digging ore 30% chance to get a gem.

2. Cut down a tree branch.

3. The spike shrubs can receive a 1 day.

4. The farmland 1 3.

5. Pot for brain, 2 days can receive one leaves.

6. Lamp can be used as a fuel such as wood.

7. Slow h.

8. The berries 1 times 2

9. The game is equal to 8 minutes to 12 minutes a day

10. Refined items once get 2 (with the exception of purple gems)













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Oh good, something I can't read.


Translated for ya:

1.30% chance to get a gem when digging boulders

2.You can get twigs by chopping down a tree

3.Spike bush respawn 1 day after harvested

4.You get 3 crops at the same time when you harvest Basic/Improved farm

5.Pot of plants boosts your sanity,harvestable every 2 days

6.Wood/Twigs/etc can refuel the latern

7.HP regen slowly

8.You get 2 berries from harvesting berrybush

9. 8 mins/day---->12 mins/day

10.Doubled refining output(exclude purp gem)

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