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About This File

!!! Code revamped edition!!! 1.2

-The Transformation Key can be configured to whatever Key you want it to be! (Hover over the mod in the mod list)

-The Tamamo Invisible Ghost Glitched has been fixed accordingly

-The code has been changed to be much cleaner!

Ysovuka is a cool guy and does cool things for the modding community
Give him a hug!

Touch fluffy tail? Y/N?



You suck, I hope you enjoy getting hugged in the butt


Well, you're still going to be hugged in the butt. In a good way!

One of the Four Heavenly Knights has come to don't starve together!


Yes, I did decide to bring over a character where there is lots of


Why? Because shes cute AF. THATS THE REASON WHY.

Tamamo is one of the Six Ancestors who specializes in Earth magic!

Shes cute, fluffly, and has her own speech! What more can you want?

Anyway, I'm not really into giving big description of characters. No one likes seeing a wall of text so heres the jist:

Normal Form

-Is relatively weak

-Does not absorb much damage

-Has decent insulation agaisnt the cold

-Normal Walk/Run Speed

-Is 1.5 Hungrier than usual

Ball Form(Default Transformation is Z!)

-150/150/150 Health/Sanity/Hunger

-Is now more weaker

-Is even more slower

-Absorbs 80% damage(Can be stacked with armor)

-Has higher-than-average insulation agaisnt the cold

-Hunger rate is on par with default don't starve characters

General Info

-Can kill all small prey easily(Rabbits,Birds,Turkey, Etc...)

-Gains sanity slightly faster than others

-Can eat monstermeat without repercussions

-Can eat spoiled meat without repercussions



Like all my other characters, Suggestions and feedback and heavily welcomed!


-Try not to change into Ball form while in Ghost form. Makes you invisible. I'll see what I can do.


-Ball perks (I still don't know how to make this work)

-Nerfs, the ability to kill innocent creatures gives her a bit of a head curve.

-General nerfs, she needs nerfs.

What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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First time uploading here, I hope you guys enjoy!

Theres also a steam version so check that version out too! <3

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You have to tamper with the prefab file.


Where it says:

local function OnKeyPressed(inst, data)    if data.inst == ThePlayer then        if data.key == KEY_Z then            print("KEY_Z has been pressed.")

Change anything with the mention of 'Z' to whatever you want to be.(Use Letters)

Other than that, I have no real idea.

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@Everyone, for the people who dislike the Transformation key set to Z, I had assistance to making it totally configurable!

Thanks Kzisor!

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Mine keeps automatically disabling itself, even after I clicked "Enable," it would say "to be disabled." I know I installed it properly, and it does not conflict with any of my other mods. It apparently crashes as soon as I start the game.

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Also, if you want to disable her attempting to turn into a ball as a ghost, you could check for the PlayerGhost tag, and if the player has it, end the function, but if you don't, then allow it to run.

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@Everyone, for the people who dislike the Transformation key set to Z, I had assistance to making it totally configurable!

Thanks Kzisor!

Theres a way to play it on dont starve RoG?

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Same problems as ObeyElisia and Hoitou, tried setting the api version to 4 (usually works with other mods) and it crashes the game unless I disable it


Edit: Apparently the initial error report all points to something wrong with the chatinputscreen

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Hello, is this a DS ou DST version? It wont work for me, says it crashed.
I have the normal single player version (not Together)!
Can u help me?
(PS: I don't have the steam version)


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