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  2. Wurt

    Oh, that's right! I forgot about these! If Wortox refers to NEXTCHARACTER as "goat", would that mean Wurt's design will be mostly goat (with some merm aspects)? It would be strange for Wortox to call a full on merm a goat. Also, he doesn't seem interested in eating their soul, and I believe he only does that for children like Webber and Wortox!
  3. Wurt

    I'm 100% sure of it.
  4. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    That's very nice of you! That clock is scary, but also very cool! We may never know XD PFFFFF XD we need to appreciate his handy work
  5. I think you get ten pills per fabrication.
  6. Wurt

    Maybe he's a survivor from The Gorge? Half merm, half goat.
  7. Idea for next beta

    I had a theory a while back that maybe the sea and the sky both act as sort of "portals" between realms. For the sky: - Maxwell has no idea where birds are coming from, except for redbirds which he says come from "the fire lands." - Wilson got to Hamlet by crashing a hot air balloon. For the sea: - Merms were able to swim from the Elder Bog to the Constant, and at some point to SW where some evolved into fishermerms. - Wilson got to SW by, well, shipwrecking. This theory has a ton of holes at this point, but I still wanted to share in case someone else can figure out how to make it actually make sense with what we know now.
  8. Not a bug. Your bottle emptiers have auto-bottle set to on. So the duplicants will try to feed it from a pitcher pump.
  9. I had a chlorine clean room that sits between my base and the slime biome. I cleared everything out and pumped all polluted oxygen into a gas tank and have it sit in the clean room for a few cycles. Before I pump everything out into my polluted oxygen chamber where my pufts are, I checked there were no more germs. However after I release everything into the chamber and for more than 20 cycles I did not notice there were residual germs. After a while to my horror the room is infested with millions of slimelung. I loaded a much earlier save to check how this happened. After I released the assumed germ free po2 into the chamber, there were some (like less than a hundred) slimelung lingering in one of the po2 block. I have no idea how this came to be. Now I know slimelung is no big deal especially since I contained all these in a chamber I can always pump them to the clean room again. However I wanna investigate how this happened so I can take measures in future. This was my process 1. pump germ infested po2 from slime biome into chlorine rooom gas tank. 2. turn off pump, let everything sit in the tank 3. check to make sure no gas are in the input pipe 4. After a few cycle mouse over the tank to check for germs 5. release the germ free po2 Were there residual po2 in the pipes or bridges that were not in the tank during the disinfect process?
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Bad wording on my part. And apon further inspection, It seems I remembered the amount of panels wrong and that you added one.though I'm still confused as of why the chair is thrown last
  11. Communal Fanart Thread

    Perfectly captures her motherly love. Beautiful.
  12. Wurt

    Btw NEXTCHARACTER = { GENERIC = "Hyuyu, what are you up to %s?", ATTACKER = "Don't get my goat, little %s!", MURDERER = "Eep! Don't slaughter me!", REVIVER = "Thank-you, thank-you, little goat!", GHOST = "Don't worry, I'm not hungry.", FIRESTARTER = "Little goat! You played pranks without me!", },
  13. Communal Fanart Thread

    I thought the Shroog would be fun to sculpt in Zbrush. So here is a bust.
  14. Don't starve quiz

    Road: 30% Wx: 50% Cane: 25% Magiluminessence: 20% Added together you get 125% This is also just DST becuase there is still a sleek hat, stalking stick, coffee, and wilbur to consider in DS. EDIT: To clairify, I was doing the speed boost itself, not the players speed which would have been 225%
  15. Not that hard. After all "wiki wiki" means "fast". Well worth the hour or so you need to find out most things.
  16. That's not true, at least not for solid tiles. The geometric mean of two k-values are used. I did a quick test in sandbox with Iron ore and refined iron, with temperature difference of 20C, and 100kg. With log-average the Increase in temperature after 1 tick should be: q = k_log * dT * 0.2 *1000 q = (55-4)/(ln(55)-ln(4)) * 20 * 1000 q = 77.8 kJ So the change in temperature should be: dT = q/(cp*m) dT = 77.8/(0.449*100) dT = 1.7C And with geometric mean it you get: q = k_geom * dT * 0.2 *1000 q = sqrt( 4*55) * 20 * 0.2 * 1000 q = 59.3 kJ Change in temperature: dT = q/(cp*m) dT = 59.3/(0.449*100) dT = 1.3C From my test, you can see that the temperature changes by 1.3c, so the geometric mean is used.
  17. Yup. But I usually want Thimble Reeds as an early way to get rid of the pwater from hand-washing. I know I could just dump it somewhere, or even crush it. Personal preference to do it this way.
  18. Don't starve quiz

    Nice. I need 500 questions. Now i have 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  19. Don't starve quiz

    no. For starters, magiluminescence. In dlc's, the leafy cane and sleek hat Then you got Wolfgang and WX's overcharge.
  20. Wurt

    Klei may be able to get rid of 99.99% of the evidence that the leak occured, but that 0.01% will always remain.
  21. Don't starve quiz

    What day is the first full moon? A. 9 B. 10 C. 11 (correct) D. Monday What item can make snow Chester? A. Blue gem (correct) B. Ice C. Thermal stone D. Ice cube What boss is found on the surface? A. Fuelweaver B. Toadstool C. Klaus (correct) D. Ancient guardian
  22. I'd prefer difficulty to be linked with time than by player action. The latter allows for players to control difficulty artifically which is more or less the same problem with optional bosses. Having year two bring new stuff compared to year one is the way I think it should go. Thus constantly applying pressure on players with everpresent danger they need to overcome.
  23. Arboria map Thimble Reed

    Or, if you don't want to use a mod, scum save until you get the seeds. Still, Dreckos aren't hard to farm, and you could also just shear wild ones.
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  25. Idea for next beta

    Well considering the mermified goats swam into the [Gorge] ocean and wound up in the Constant, AND Warly ended up shipwrecking on the Constant from Shipwrecked/Hamlet I'd say there's a bit more to traveling between these places than just portals. Portals are just the quick means of connecting distance. It's not like you can't just walk/sail to places connected via Lazy Deserter/Telelocator Focus. It just makes it significantly faster.
  26. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It would have been so much better if you said "Wurt?"
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