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  2. @Gus Smedstad Were you around when the latrines/sinks had a fixed output? And what's your take on them changing that and not the sieve at the same time?
  3. 一点建议

    Uhm... sorry, but we're speaking english here, perhaps translating your suggestion with any translator could make it bit more understandable for everyone? After using Google-Translator:
  4. [Game Update] - 328827

    Specially the dmg table is pretty broken rn 59 75 and 100 dmg feels very op along all her new speed I think Lower HP and going back to old gun dmg are good measures at least..
  5. Make piece.. Die with a petal shot.. Cuz reasons xD
  6. "Generally is" != "must be" Something in beta is (more commonly "used to be" I'd argue) normally feature complete, but that isn't a prerequisite.
  7. Last Speculations

    I guess you're a bit wrong here: We're talking about DST and not about Wheeler in Hamlet. Link to Hamlet Forum:
  8. I don't get why people want to nerf her so much, WX in hamlet has a permanent light source without using any slots as well as amazing speed boost. Still she is nowhere near as powerful as WX is so I see no problem with her. Stop calling for nerfs in a singleplayer game, if you dont want the game to feel too easy just dont play her (and dont play WX and Wolfgang too).
  9. Agreed that change was unnecessary.. Old dmg was fine imo.. Petals dealing 50 dmg is just stupid
  10. Well 2 rocks then compared to a Blunderbuss : p
  11. Last Speculations

    I just want to see a new biome with new mobs that are more challenging.
  12. Agreed.. I think going back to her old gun dmg is pretty OK... Or a happy middle.. The Stack ability from last update I really like tho.. Smart move Lower HP a must now.. Around 100 to 110 HP.. To foster tactical movement And I think she being an explorer is cool to have a Lil speed... She has too much now.. Maybe only 5% base speed instead of 10%.. BTW a loaded blunderbuss deals 200 dmg not 100.. So.. Let's not confuse things
  13. If Air horns only worked that way in reality. A rock is as powerful as a Blunderbuss now in Wheeler's hands. This is waaay OP
  14. Would you take the gun... At all.. In your inventory for the chance to... Just to scare anything?
  15. hamet_interors - Hamlet Interior upgrade beta When loading a save or starting a new save I get a warning message (attached). When I click on Exit Game I get a not responding message and subsequently clock application. I tried leaving beta which works again, the problem is that all my characters are gone and I am back to the original character. I am new to this game so not sure if this is a bug or the way the game normally works.
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  17. Last Speculations

    I actually would like to see some new mechanics of biome-exploration, like some new lands that can be opened only by fighting some very tough raid-boss, or after certain amount of time. It would encourage exploration even in late-game.
  18. [Game Update] - 328827

    Gotta go (broken) fast
  19. I think Wheeler should be even more powerful: I think his gun should be able to kill with just one shot any creature of the game! But everything has a price... and Wheeler had the misfortune to be born with glass bones, he only has 1 life point now! In short, it would become a spectacular character: the power of God and the fragility of a butterfly!! "I am Wheeler, prostrate yourselves in my presence, or I will cancel you with a single gesture"
  20. Looking for modding partner

    @MidoriKami @Nightinggale feedback would be appreciated, mates. We still don't have modding support for new art and animations, so we can better work out details etc now to save work later.
  21. Play by committee

    Some time ago, some users made custom maps and your idea was part of it. Player shared saves and had fun together for example.. There was a forum section, created for such stuff. Post your idea more detailed there and start it with a save, perhaps ppl play with you.
  22. Yes, but we haven't been playing a complete game yet. Infact, we'll be doing that at the end of May. Maybe we are just using wrong terminology and we aren't actually beta testing. There is precedence of game developers using modders assets and ideas down the road. For instance, Age of Empires 2 once had a mod called "The Forgotten" which than became official sanctioned. IMO, the mistake for Klei would be to not look a the modding community and see what they can officially implement. Yes, a lot of mods will be down to preference, but there are guaranteed to be mods which will have a very wide support because they implement logic changes. Anyway, regarding the list: I have not been active for a while actually playing the game (having more fun actually with making new assets for when the time comes we can implement new art and animations!), so a lot of that list is new to me. I have always been very much in favour to make the water sieve's output temperature match its input, but now I'm like "meh". it isn't that big of a deal for me. I don't exploit it. It usually is a bit of a nuisance when you are sieving slush geyser polluted water, but nothing that is dominating my gameplay. I think that is the important thing to take out of potential exploits: If they determine the way you play the game in a significant way, then it really should be changed. It used to be like that with the water sieve, but Klei luckily brought in more options to do cooling. The resource change exploit with the geysers is worrying though. I'd say that'd be the only exploit that new players will pick up on quickly and become dependant on that. That has to be fixed before the official launch of the game, which I fear the game will not be ready for. Between the bugs/glitches/exploits we have now and undoubtly the new bugs/glitches/exploits introduced by the next content update, I'd say it would be better to postpone the launch for atleast another month.
  23. He was tanned, clear discrimination compared to the other pale characters
  24. Last Speculations

    How bout a thermal stone that lasts longer than 10 days, yeh?
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