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  2. Wortox and offline.

    Not on console tho
  3. Wagstaff Tips and Tricks

    From what I've tested: Fryfocals are a cool looking new ranged weapon, although they dont really deal much direct damage and have a short range: took me 3 blasts to kill a hound, since it has 10 uses only and costs a red gem this is probably not the best use. The main use I've been giving them are a fire staff replacement, setting mobs on fire when there are multiple threats at the same time, letting you deal with less enemies at the same time. EG: set Bishops on fire so they panic around, while you deal with another clockwork. Telebrella and telipad: I like the concept, teleport to a specific location for a pretty cheap cost, and a great way to get out of trouble. If you make more than one you will always go to the nearest, so depending what you want to do with them is how many I'd place: If I want to use it to go to camp fast, I'd set a camp near the center of maps and place just one there. But this may leave you out of range at some maps spots. If I wanted to use it as a way to escape "ohcrap" situations, I'd lay a few around the map that go to safe minibases so you always have one in range to go and recover. I wish you could pick which one you go to if you have more than one at range though. He takes damage over eating food without cooking, so wherever the telipad takes you, it would probably be wise to have at least a crock pot and a campfire near it to use quickly whenever he needs to. Infroggles let you have really cheap and durable moggles since the start of the game, the downside I see so far is that they don't let you see shadow creatures. Not sure if this is an oversight or intended. You must be extra careful or just not wear them if insane. The thumper is going to leave woodie out of job just plant a lot of trees in a circle area around the device and when they reach max growth, activate the device. You can have multiple if you calculate the range of each, to cover large forests, it costs no maintenance or fuel once it was placed. It deals 25 damage to mobs, and given how slow it is, its probably not great for killing most creatures, although maybe it could work to kill mobs with a tiny hp pool like birds or butterflies, havent tested yet. Overall my experience so far found myself going around with several types of glasses and switching between them at need, and when severely injured, full inventory, or out of cooked food, teleporting back to camp. Not my kind of character but he definately includes cool concepts and gadgets to the game. I hope we get to see him on DST as well.
  4. Online Logging in

    @ShockAndRoar @Sirhoey read the announcement thread over the PS4 discussion tab. There they will tell you anything you need to know to submit your information so they can fix this bug faster . (here is the direct link to it)
  5. Mods Please

    This is what will be left of Meep after such rocket launch. Looks like you could also have him for a lunch
  6. Wortox and offline.

    There could be like some hidden file which would contain whether wortox/extra characters are unlocked but that could just be modified with copypasting the file from other's directory which could just lead to someone having wortox only while ofline for free
  7. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    I just started using this forum any having an issue. I never get notified when following a topic. I have it set to email me only once about a topic until I visit the site. I never get any emails and therefor never really following any topic. Edit: When trying to follow this topic now I'm getting a message"You cannot use this option because you have not chosen how the notification should be sent. Notification Settings" I set me settings, I enabled this site to send me notifications; I don't understand what to do. I just want to follow a topic by getting one email when new content is posted.
  8. Yes, it's possible!
  9. "Electrical Engineer" (the second Operate job/skill)
  10. Mods Please

    Oops. Good point. Maybe electric rocket for the trip out, reducing the load of normal propellants for the return? They wouldn't. Meep on the other hand...
  11. I've heard they are, but I'm certain it's a glitch, as right after you kill the hulk it explodes and the head drops right where it died.
  12. Maybe you should rephrase the first question, I don't think the Insanity mechanic deserves priority, but I always love new content. Something that can draw back players who might abuse being insane would be interesting, especially with the introduction of creatures stronger and scarier than those awful Terrorbeaks. But I think this stuff shouldn't be what Klei immediately switches their attention to. For the moment it feels fine enough, but I could see areas of improvement and expansion. (Yeah, I know there's an option for not completely prioritizing this. But I feel less than priority, more like a back burner sorta thing.)
  13. yeap.. I mean I'm not 100% sure myself but there are some hits that it might be possible... we will see most probably I'm wrong but it's an interesting question nonetheless
  14. Wortox and offline.

    I really you get a short confirmation of the devs, even tho it will probably be a no.I just realized that the skins are connected to your klei ID( obviously duhhh) , so their saved to an online storage individually from the Ps4. I’m not sure if their able to change wortoxes properties to something that will stay unlocked even offline . I hope they will tho. This is all a speculation so sorry if it’s wrong .
  15. I might have to build a fridge outside of my CO2 pit to find out haha
  16. Imagine a insanity boss that only appears to you on a full moon in the swamp or grave yard biomes while you are completely insane
  17. What happens when you defeat Hulk? Are the pieces destroyed forever?
  18. At a time I was still powering refrigerators it was just slowing down spoilage. That is why I moved to unpowered refrigerators placed in CO2 pit.
  19. I've had 5 million kcalories in my CO2 storage for hundreds of cycles with no rot. Does the refrigerator building slow or stop spoilage? I was under the impression that it stops it.
  20. Playtime record

    I'm at 507, but I don't do AFK. I'm too paranoid that something catastrophic could happen. Honestly, I don't know how you can until the very late game. I don't think my colony was truly stable, running entirely on renewable sources, until cycle 1000 or so. Most of the game you're struggling to avoid collapse because your current tech depends on limited resources. I.e. transitioning away from algae for oxygen, dirt for food, etc.
  21. It the opposite - low temperature slows down, sterile atmosphere stops spoilage completely.
  22. [Game Update] - 327549

    Actually, to my knowledge, they said that there wasn't an issue with his character, 'nor was their much of a controversy. They just didn't like how he was designed. I'm just confused as of why they decided to go with a whole new character that could have easily been a Warbucks rework instead of, you know, just making it a Warbucks rework.
  23. [Game Update] - 327401

    As of Qol III, slime without exosuits is to be avoided at all costs unless you have boosters ready (or just don't care that they are all sick, since penalties are lessened). A dupe sick with slimelung now sneezes, spreading it throughout your base. And it might be a few days before an exposed dupe actually catches it. Quarantine the little bastard. The issue might have nothing to do with their exploration
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