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  2. Housewarming Party! (Post your houses)

    A Palace fit for a King!
  3. I miss the Gorge...

    OH I TELL YOU WHAT I DARE SO!!! AND I CAN STAND BETWEEN YOU JUST LIKE WITH ANY OTHER PERSON THAT MISSED OUT AND THAT TRIES TO GET IT OUTSIDE THE EVENT!! COME AT ME IF YOU DARE!! It's your responsability you didn't get it, dude! Get over it like I do when (if ever) I miss out! Next time just try and don't miss the events! You just need to learn how to lose, and accept it when you do. I didn't get it because I couldn't find an appropiate team which knew what to do like I did. And if there ever was any, they rejected me because I was a bit lower than 100 lvl. But, I accepted the fact that I didn't get it, got over it, and just enjoyed The Gorge itself while it was still there.
  4. Can I play Hamlet and Shipwrecked starting from base world

    When making a new world, make sure you select the RoG DLC first. The game will then ask you if you want the slot to be Hamlet compatible. Say yes, of course. Making a world compatible with Hamlet will also make it compatible with SW. Once you have generated your world, there is a certain set piece you need to find that contains a crashed hot air balloon. Breaking one of the parts will drop silly string, which is required to craft the Skyworthy (you also need nightmarefuel and living logs). Once you make that, you place it somewhere basically acts as a portal which you can use to travel between SW, Hamlet, and Survival. Be weary though that you won't spawn in the new world with a Skyworthy, you have to make another one if you want to get back to RoG. Wiki page for futher info. You can also make a Seaworthy with a similar process, but it only takes you to Shipwrecked and back to RoG. The advantage though of making it instead of the Skyworthy is that you will spawn in SW next to the Seaworthy that already exists on one of the islands, so you don't need a new one.
  5. I don't know about Hamlet, but look at this:
  6. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    This one came from a conversation in the car and my father decided this would be perfect. We picked this script by random and didn't realize that Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday was two days ago. We were at the Tenessee Alcatraz museum two weeks ago and I told this idea to my father when we reached this part of the criminal section of the museum. Still don't know why they turned Comissioner Gordon into him in that one Steampunk Batman story.
  7. Never seen that before.
  8. Hard to remember something I've never seen before, so no. Interesting nonetheless, but it doesn't change the fact a fire breathing turtle would be neat.
  9. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Not the skele of dorks, but Winston. He'll basically be a spiritual successor to Warbucks. It's nice to see a fat character getting a model since all the other models are pretty trim. Yeah, it's a kind of weird situation I'm in. My ex-boss likes to think of himself as a adoptive parent to me despite him being in his 80s. So yeah, a request from @Dorozco for his waifu. I used a Betty Page pin-up for the pose. @Donke60 asked for a nsfw version, so I put that on a personal discord... It's a tasteful nude, so don't expect anything explicit. My gameplay as Wicker in the Gorge. I thought it'd be fun to have her do the flexing pose while using her power. I was shocked by the lack of refs of the planted garlic online. Had to look up gameplay for the planted garlic refs. Everything else I found just fine. This also gave me a chance to use that achievement ref of the flowing book.
  10. Dontcha remember? (Sorry for the low quality screenshot, I didn't know how to download pictures back in 2016)
  11. About mutated/undead creatures like hounds, penguls and maybe more - how about making them really undead like even if killed they come back to (not)life unless killed by moon weapon or burned to death? There is no reason to fight mobs in game with fire so far... It also reminds me of some popular series on HBO
  12. I tried to convert a png to tex with the TEX Creator. But when I load my mod it tells my it is a 3D Model. Has anyone an idea what is going wrong This are my settings, the log and the mod: log.txt New Stoves for
  13. Just remembered this old as heck thing in the 2013 trailer for the base game:
  14. Terrorbeak is screeing in disgust.:wilson_ecstatic:

    1. DragonMage156


      Just like your cat XD

  15. I voted no. Don't get me wrong, I want the skin since it looks pretty cool, but at the same time, I feel like the skin gives the people who participated in early access some sort of special "Thank You" from the developers. And so it feels strange to just give everyone else the opportunity to get this skin out of the blue. Though I guess it's all up to the other players' votes in the end.
  16. Today
  17. Wendy with chester

    Hey @cheesebun4me, welcome to the forums. All arts/fanarts goes under this subforum Art Music & Lore (which I've moved your thread post to). Do continue to use this very same thread post for all future artworks so they will be easier to view and find in the future. Refer to other art threads made by other forum artists. Wonderful artwork! Hope you enjoy your stay. Cheers!
  18. Please take your time and get it to where you want it.
  19. It is not a problem either way. First, you need almost no tungsten. And second, with a bit of care, you can remove all sporechids without any dupe ever getting sick. You can, for example, put them in atmosphere they do not like or put them under liquid and then just wait a bit. And since they are only found in the oil-biome, you will have exo-suits anyways. Mining the oil-biome is pretty much impossible without them. I tried again for my last base and you have to put med-bets right there and be extra careful if you do not want to kill your dupes from scalding. I had some medication ready this time, but never needed it.
  20. Not sure if that'd give her a reason to betray. She'd betray her own mother first over the Survivors. She cares more for her freedom than royalty.
  21. Wes & Balloons

    It should block all but 5 damage, since popping balloon does that much damage. Honestly, I like the idea, but even if it were implemented I would prob never use it. Get rid of the stun for 6 seconds (massively OP) Instead, something like pushes the enemy back - and both Wes and the enemy should take the damage from the pop. I believe the balloon stack is infinite uses.. so costing '5 balloons' means nothing This whole thing seems OP. Other ideas Lifting Support Wes should be able to attach one or more Balloons to suspicious marble, allowing survivors to carry them with slightly less reduction in speed. Balloon Vest Wearable in the body slot,, pops if wearer takes damage from an attack (dealing 5 damage to wearer, and maybe attacker), while worn a player's walking speed goes up slightly. Spoils over time. - actually this could be combined with the Balloon Armor idea. -- Also might function as life vest if used in Shipwrecked. Balloon Pillow / Cuddly Balloon Occupies hand/weapon slot - gives slight resistance to sanity drain effects of darkness. pops (dealing damage) if sanity goes too low If equipped when a character goes to sleep, gives a slight boost to sanity gained from sleeping, but pops when character awakens (dealing damage) Balloon Mask Worn on head, can be made to resemble Pig, Spider, or Beefalo - stops the corresponding creature from becoming aggro when seeing the wearer. (for example Webber could wear the pig mask to walk among pigs). Creatures still become aggro if wearer attacks them first. Pops if wearer takes damage from an attack (dealing damage). Spoils over time. Wearing the wrong one will cause aggro (wearing spider mask around pigs for example) Possibly require additional ingredients to craft - such as wool, hair, or silk,
  22. Bonus round because why not: - Wilba, I could see demanding loyalty from the weird looking small pigs who don't seem to respect her auTHORITAH. - Wilbur might find the Ruins and start a Free Primates Union and throw Nightmare Poop at anyone who dares to question their sovereignty. - Walani's too lazy to leave the group once she joins it. - I actually think that Woodlegs might want to pass on his knowledge of tamin the high seas. And then declare a silly naval war on his previous pupils once they've grown strong enough to put up an entertaining fight. Him and Wigfrid would make an amazing pair. - Wheeler...Wheeler. Wheeler? ... whyler? No, actually, I don't understand her narrative role at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm not sure of how Wormwood thinks either for that matter, but it's a plant, so that seems about right.
  23. Culturally problematic?

    In my opinion, the "cultural" problem has always been a false explanation: I believe the real reason was still a copyright problem. In fact, Klei feared that the creators of Jumanji denounced Klei for taking "too much inspiration" from their colonialist. That skin was really too much, too tanned. Wilson is young inside
  24. Did Winona powercrept Wicker?

    I don't understand, i am not a Winona expert but Wickerbottom is my favorite characters to play as. From what i've seen on youtube they always use like 30-40 catapults or more for bee queen which seems really expensive compared to Wickerbottom. Let's compare, i'll use 7 On tentacles books if i want to kill her multiple times without all my tentacles dying out on the first kill. It is much easier to gather 7 spots, is there a need to talk about reeds? just find an area with a lot of them and keep regrowing. TheBeard777 youtuber actually used 77 catapults.. It is the top video on youtube if you search for it.That's so bad.. Dragonfly is much easier to deal with as Wickerbottom, you use sleepytime stories when dragonfly is enraged so she doesn't destroy your tentacles with the aoe attack, you'll be able to kill her multiple times with 6 on tentacles books, can kill her with 5, possibly with 4 but i never tried as i want to keep as many tentacles alive to keep killing her for gems. Wickerbottom is still the strongest character in my opinion, requires the least resources to kill most bosses. Winona's catapults are more of a permanent solution, doesn't require much to keep them going and killing the same boss but with Wickerbottom you can kill anything you like with enough tentacles and it requires much less to set up. What i want to say is you need to know how to kite tentacles and kill them quickly. I often use ham bat and spend a few days in swamp and i have more then i need to kill bee queen and dragonfly if i spent 2-3 days there, 1 day is often fine if you get a bit lucky if you want to kill one of them. Also don't ignore all the other benefits Wickerbottom has: Killing Bee Queen/Dragon Fly faster then any other character, if someone is going to argue this point im willing to play a speedrun with them on the same server while they play Winona. Gathering 12 spots to kill both bosses is much easier then building that many catapults. Only character that actually has the option to farm Krampus sack so easily.How nice is it that we Wickerbottom players are the only ones who can farm krampus sack and azure feathers for the best blow dart at the same time. She is good to start with but this doesn't matter much to any decent player, you should be able to survive with any character no matter how bad their first days are but i guess this is still a benefit. Wickerbottom is better at gathering grass/twigs/wood/berries/morsels then any other character. You may say that Maxwell is best for gathering wood which he is until Bearger spawns.This requires a specific situation but, you use applied horticulture in a full field of planted cones next to Bearger.You'll have tons of wood. It requires to wait for Bearger but it only needs to be set up once for you to have so much wood and it is repeatable as long as you don't kill him or wait for him to respawn. Its a decent argument saying how it takes a while for him to spawn but you can't argue that at that point she is better then Maxwell at gathering wood and this game is all about convenience, you are trying to make it easier on yourself from gathering and repeating the same boring tasks like gathering grass/wood/twigs/berries, this is why Wicker is so good and fun to play. One of the biggest benefits is Lichen farming with agriculture, you know that youtuber that always talks about Lichen, well he is talking about it for a reason. Best food source in the game, you can kill bee queen pretty fast so you'll be able to wrap up the Lichen that spoils in 2 days, hammer a few Bunnyman hutches, 8 on DST and build them near your base with a spider nest and there's your food permanently solved. Even if you don't make this farm, there's usually a lot of monster meat around and is quite easy to gather by killing spiders, use tentacle book near a few spider nests and just pick up the meat in the morning. Just have a ton of crockpots in your base and wrap up stacks of Pierogi, can any other character do this? Beeboxes are good food source too but require more preparation, they are usually better for any other character because most of them can't kill bee queen so fast and none of them can farm Lichen as fast as she does. I can keep on writing on how good Wickerbottom is, she has countless benefits and hardly any negatives, Food spoilage is this an issue for Wickerbottom? you'll have Bundling Wrap as soon as you want to get it. So she only has one negative which is not being able to sleep. Sanity is the least of your worries in this game and actually having it low is useful for farming nightmare fuel, only time you should sleep is when you want to regen hp but have a lot of food that is going to spoil, you see where im going with this? as Wicker you won't have any food spoiling with Bundling wrap so sleeping isn't worth doing. Sanity is easily managable if you keep exploring the map to gather mushrooms on the way and bundling wrap should be used on cooked cactus or hop into caves and chop some mushrooms, otherwise just stay insane, get nightmare fuel for magiluminescence. So downsides are pretty negligible and they don't even come close to positives. You are talking about Winona being able to cheese bosses with boats? honestly i don't know much as i didn't play on the beta branch, waiting for public release, what i can say is that i've never seen dragonfly spawn close to water, same with Bee Queen. She should be able to cheese bearger and deerclops? but do these bosses even matter? They are actually so easy to kill and where will you get your logs and living logs if you don't use them?
  25. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    Please send me the log. It`s working on my end. I don`t understand why it doesn`t .
  26. Honestly, I have no idea what diseases the pharma chamber even cures. The only things my dupes ever catch is slimelung and the occasional food poisoning, both of which have fairly easily available cures.
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