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  2. Hello, After RoT update, bees now can fly over fences!
  3. Fanart by SightKeeper

    Wilson following a gestalt I did for my friend atlasio on Twitter!
  4. PIRATE THEME WHILE SAILING!i demand it.. I have every right to demand it because SMITE which isn’t even a Pirate game and doesn’t have pirate boats has cool pirate skins and pirate music.. but Don’t Starve, a game with an actual Sea and Ship sailing does not.... I am disappointed.
  5. Probably everybody already saw this connection but im gonna talk about it anyway. So 1st twich drop where it started was ice flingomatic reskin, we got it near Winona character update becouse Winona likes to build constructions and stuff. 2nd was thermal stone skin wich was near the Willow update becouse fire. Next was icebox for Warly update becouse Warly is a chef and icebox is for food. Then we got nothing for Wormwood but he was beetween icebox and star callers staff and everyone knows he has connection to both food and moon. Next was Woodie with star and moon callers staff becouse he changes during full moon. And next we will probably get eyebrella skin for Wurt becouse she has connection to rain and stuff. So thats all, tell me what you think.
  6. DragonMage's Drawing Pad

    And finally, the drawing comparisons! Firescale: Rainbow Dragon:
  7. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Here's a scared Wormwood
  8. I agree. It hurts when I see builds that suck up less than 10kg of liquid at a time. i.e lox/hydrogen condensers.
  9. Game broken for DRM Free version

    Guys, some response? This is still broken.
  10. What is the threshold you set for refill on the generator itself?
  11. Today
  12. Is there a way to change your username?

    Moved to Other Klei Services. Yes, there is! Here: You can change it only once per year though, so think twice before you do it!
  13. Perhaps Eya is mutating due to food?
  14. Hatches in a 'wild tile' room will isolate themselves from their eggs during the day. So they continue to metabolize food and reproduction continues... Then night falls: I had ONE stone egg in here and forgot about it. Now I've got 33 smooth hatches and counting. ... I forsee a lot of BBQ in Nikola's future.
  15. So klei, ever since I played the screetcher mod, for many weeks, I was scared to be alone for long periods of time, thanks klei

  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  17. So, I tried this and it works awesome! There's just ONE little catch that I feel might be useful to others... One aquatuner running continuously can't keep the steam hot enough to run a turbine.. The pump works awesome for allowing the cool steam vent to erupt without going over pressure. Between eruptions, the chamber drops almost down to a vacuum. The output from the turbine drops into the "cold" pool which has polluted water circulating through an aquatuner. I built everything during dormancy and "primed' the room by emptying some water into the top and running the aquatuner until the steam was at 200c. It ran beautifully. .... for about 20 cycles. At cycle 15 or so, the turbine was operating at 50% power. A few cycles ago, it got too cold to operate. (I'm not certain why the red thermometer disappeared). Anyway, the 110c steam from the vent completely overwhelmed the thermal output of the aquatuner to the point that the whole thing shut down. This is what happens when you think of a good idea and don't run the numbers first. The aquatuner moves 0.790 x 14c x 10kg DTU/s (110k DTU/s) from the polluted water coolant into the steam chamber. While erupting, the cool steam vent adds 4890.7g/s of steam at 110c. The time average during its Active period is 2410.7g/s. Since the aquatuner is running continually, we'll use the average emission rate of 2410.7g/s. Assuming our turbine's operating temperature is 180c, that means we must increase the steam's temperature by 70c. 0.790 x 70 x 2410.7 = 133.3k DTU/s needed to bring the steam up to temperature. Therefore, there's an overall loss of 23.3k DTU/s If I include the dormant period, then the time average eruption rate is 1363.2g/s which brings the totally necessary thermal energy down to 75k DTU. So.. I'll pipe some hot water into the cooling pool to keep the aquatuner running and hopefully some time during the dormant period the steam will reach operational temperature. If there's enough steam, perhaps thermal inertia will keep it operating through the next active cycle.
  18. Count to 200 without interruption

  19. Ban the anime weeb for not playing ONI.
  20. I use APNGASM. You still have to download the image. I'll get on that as soon as I can. Currently recovering from a nasty fall, but I'll do what I can asap.
  21. spriter's gif export feature seems to be unstable in general i think it's better to export them into a sequence of png images then just use imagick/ffmpeg/whatever to turn them into a gif or video you can use if you don't want to install anything edit: apparently batch export is a spriter pro feature, but iirc it's not too hard to unlock spriter's pro features
  22. Plus you need the full version in order to batch export, which I abuse frequently. But I use APNGs because for some reason Spriter exports GIFs at a snail's pace, and the quality bugs the heck outta me.
  23. Ok, so here's the deal. One way or another, this story is gonna be about all the DS characters heading to Charlies NASA space station, stealing a rocket, and flying to the moon to ask why a piece fell off. This is inspired by the "A story written by the don't starve community" thread which you should read because it's hilarious. Some rules for this: -No insta kills, what I mean is don't just say "Wilson takes off his helmet on the moon to taste the space rocks and then dies". You can still kill them, just no TPK. -Wait about 2-3 posts until you post your contribution (If you already posted) and post from the most recent post. If two or more people respond to the same post, go with the one at the bottom. -That's basically it, enjoy.
  24. Merm hats?

    I hope Wurt will be able to equip them like that lol. Atleast the hats. Just gonna save that imageee....
  25. This reply isn't going to be really useful, but Spriter has a feature that lets you turn whatever animation you're viewing into a gif. It's like... REALLY wonky for me, Melen can do it better because for whatever reason my computer hates using Spriter and only about 20% of the times I open spriter the gif option appears for me, and it's even rarer to get it working. Like the feature is there in spriter, but my computer tries to summon Klaus or whatever when I try to use it.
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