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with the recent changes to the scoreboard showing a "Hall of Fame" from deathless run teams, I thought it could be a nice idea to make a special reward for all who had a deathless team run and made it into the Hall of Fame.


Instead of time based ranking or rewards, this would seem fair for all players, since it doesn't matter what mods or so called "cheats" you use. Making a team deathless run requires teamplay and tactis over mods.


Reward could be something similar for all players playing Forge, a profile icon for example - and for all who made it team-deathless another different profile icon!

I think this could please all, mod users and not mod users, since the rewards come down to teamplay.

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1 hour ago, Zeklo said:

Eh, maybe if they announced it ahead of time. There are plenty of people who didn't attempt because they didn't feel a need, and many within that category who would've if they knew a reward was involved.


I gave up because A) I had enough forge for whole 12 months

B) annouced late

C) i would sacrifice all potato cups to get deathless for a skin

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8 hours ago, YouKnowWho said:

I dunno. I still think mod users had it easier. Sure, it needs a little more team play, but the Forge wasn’t really about a little more team play. It’s the reason they changed the leaderboards in the first place.

I get your point. However I still think proper communication or knowledge is important!

Spam mods will make it only faster, but don't really change the gameplay. I used the mods myself.


As of the teamplay aspect, you still need people to know what to do, mods wont help you there.

For examlpe during the final boss, it is very useful for the mage to juggle the staff and petri book to petri right before the healer heals. This will prevent the boss from jumping and doing AOE damge. Same for the 2 tanks, useful to switch during heals or exchange armors/sword in needed situations. Etc.


I got team deathless before and it wasn't even an attempt to deathless! We simply played and focused on our roles :)

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