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Hello Guys! (•ω•)/

Our asteroid seems revolves around the planet (that earth-like planet you cn see from the sky).

So I would expect on the asteroids there were seasons, like we have on earth (the difference: the asteroid seems to be a satellite.).

What do you guys think?

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4 Seasons Proposals

Idea A.) The Alien Hotel - Catering Alien visitors

The idea is that aliens sometimes visit the colony and one needs to host these visitors very well ( food, beds etc. ) to get hotel star ranking rewards, ranging from 0 to 5 stars. Good hotel ratings add a colony-wide decor bonus.

image.thumb.png.027dd82e160bf115c0e5767507ecbd70.png Colony Hotel Demo - How it could look

image.png.353b4fe42790e6119535f2871887ac3c.png This colony hotel only received some 3-star rating as the player did not repel the last colony Zerg bug infestation.

image.png.7e8d67d7c8455fec8e027d5d2060fc90.pngUnrepelled bugs example


Idea B.) The restaurant ( Pizzeria, Cakeshop etc. ). New players which have problems catering for their dupes can print a dupe with the positive trait "Telepathy help call".

image.png.be1dca244d4da80e317affb0ddf97033.pngThe telepathy help call to outer space - A rare trait which can be acquired by printing the correct dupe

The telepathy help call, initiated by the dupe waving his finger into the air, rings a bell on the alien planet "Zigurath" and will make a friendly pizza barista or talented cake producer land on your colony, promptly opening a restaurant which provides food support to your colony.

Once the restaurant is built the player can purchase 4 seasons pizzas with an exchange of Amalgam Gold. 1 ton of Gold = 1 pizza. 5 tons of gold = Family Pizza XXL. The family pizza is so big, it requires 3 dupes to carry it.

Everyone loves pizza !

image.thumb.png.1aed4862c0e6652cd405b80f9e4c1c3a.png4 Seasons Demo Pizza - How it could look

image.thumb.png.3bf446448ca3a57c9f0f924be1ebb179.pngZigurath Food Baristas seek holy approval, which they only can achieve by replacing all their teeth with golden inlays.

The bad news: Once the player has purchased a certain amount of 4 season pizzas, the Alien Food Barrista will have a complete mouth full of gold and they will fly back to their home planet. image.png.ff833fba2efbf21b84a8dc94fb304813.png

The good news: Before he leaves for his home planet you can select one dupe which the Barista will train in restaurant management. This new dupe chef surrogate will keep your restaurant running and produce pizzas ( or cakes ), to the end of all time !


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