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Making our own Duplicants - Character generation

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Would be nice if there was a character generation feature on the main menu where you get a 'naked' duplicant and you can mix and match different hairstyles and hair / skin colour for them and have them show up in the duplicant printer. With randomized stats ofcourse. You'd just be editting the appearance and giving them a new name and funny description.

Would add a lot of variety and replay-ability. It feels like there are around 20 duplicants at the moment and once you have more than that they start repeating themselves. 

It also fits in with the theme of the game since you're already playing as a 'god' making little people and messing with their genetics in the printing machine.

And I really want to give Ada some hair. I reject her sometimes even if she has good stats on the basis of her being bald and looking weird lol. My colonies only accept good looking people with hair.

Even being able to mess with the stats on some dupes would be nice and you could pick those dupes as your starting 3. Would be nice for creating challenges for yourself, like picking 3 flatulent dupes with vomit lmao. Or just making 3 OP dupes to start with instead of refreshing them 100 times.

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There are lore reasons for the dupe looks. You can find some when inspecting the ruins.

I think dupes should start with their standard look but could be customizable later with different color clothes and maybe a barber shop building for modyfing their hair.

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