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Again, I'll be surprised if something along the lines of this hasn't already been suggested, but a cursory search came up empty for me so.. meh =)

I would like a big friggin laser.
While that in itself would be reason enough to have one (because: lasers), it would have several practical use-cases as well .
- The laser would fire for as long or as short as you wish (controllable with automation)
- The beam would damage or heat up the tile, creature or whatever else it hits, either until the creature dies or the tile melts. No limit of the heat impacted other than how long you can afford to fire it (it does consume a sizeable amount of power, but not unreasonable)
- The beam would progressively dissipate when shot through liquids or gas just like normal in-game light, but impart heat while doing so.

That's it.
Simple in concept, but with several good use-scenarios, from melting tiles (even rock!) or liquid boiling to killing critters that cannot be drowned.


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I would prefer using lazer in meteor defense and fine proccessing.

And actually... Anti-air lazer cannon is already an idea suggested by somebody long ago.

However, it’s good to talk about lazers again, since not much people notice the amazing usage of lazer.

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A laser as a way to heat up stuff sounds interesting. Maybe it could be used to heat up steam, spreading the heat based on the light absorption factor so you could heat stuff behind glass tiles. It could enable us to smelt abyssalite into tungsten in vacuum rooms.

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Sounds cool, the part about heating stuff.

But need more... so it should be huge, mounted on rails and can moves horizontally, operated by few dupes, connected to 2 20kW power lines(through rails like underground train), charging time up to 60 seconds, and shoot with pulse releasing all charged energy at once, it pierce through everything(except neutronium? probably just bounce of it) melting&vaporizing it on the way.

Best for defending from space invaders:


I wish someone made such sick mod haha.

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