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Frame-Drop/Freezing/"Lag"/Stutter in Doors

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Sorry I don't have the exact numbers, but somewhere around day 42-ish, and after I gave the queen in the palace something where she gave me something, and I unlocked a key with a key, the game started to freeze up every so many seconds. It tried counting it out to see if it was regular, but it seemed irregular and only when 'in doors.' I first noticed inside my first Slanty Shanty, but after exploring I realized it was in every Ruin and Building I entered, and not outside at all. I managed to make it 141 days before dying, and after several reloading of the game, and completely rebooting my computer the issue remained.

I wish I could reproduce it for you, but I have no clue as to why it started, I'm just putting it out there that its happening. I was fearing its my hardware when it first occurred, but it runs fine when my character is outdoors and other games are running fine, so I strongly suspect its the DLC.


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Alright, so I'm on another playthrough and the fame loss is worse than the first time. However, I might be onto a replication. It seems to happen after I build my first (second one owned) Slanty Shanty.

I place the Slanty Shanty, go inside, and suddenly everything gets all 'laggy' like I'm trying to move through molasses.  The first time (when I posted above) it was a random stutter. This time, its far worse. I'm on less days, around 40ish days. 

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