Hi, As people have noted, Hamlet is can suffer performance problems.  Part of this would be side effects of early access, part of this because Hamlet is more demanding on a system than the previous DLC, In order to get a good insight on what exactly causes specific performance issues I could use your help - if you are experiencing bad performance, it would be great if you could upload a performance profile. The easiest way would be as follows. If you're in a world with bad performance open the debug console by pressing '~' Type
...followed by enter Wait a few seconds, the output should say 'Profiler Stopped' indicating that a profile was saved. Save the game and return to the main menu Go to the 'Options' menu and once there click 'Report Bug' In the description please mention that it's a performance report, and preferably what save slot. Press 'Submit' and it should send us your save along with the profile data (Since the game only keeps track of the latest profile, please don't try to send multiple profile reports in one bug submission. If you for some reason wanted to send multiple performance reports - for different levels or if you believe a particular situation needs attention, you'd have to capture a new a performance profile for that one, after you send the previous one, and submit a separate bug report for the new one) Thanks, your assistance is greatly appreciated!