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If we can improve buildings... Through engineering.

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Hello guys! (•ω•)


Actually, I hope this game allow us to upgrade certain type of buildings.

Through engineering research, definitely.


Here are my ideas.


1. Facilities for research


What do we need for research, first?

Two things you need for at least, Drafting Machine and Ink Plants. Drafting Machine consumes ink blubs that are grown form ink plants, which only requires a few water to grow one.

Drafting Machine are operated by Engineers branch duplicants, generating Engineering Research when a research project is launched - Means researching building efficiency.

For more advanced stuff, S. Computers are required, while rocketry upgrades requires Virtual Planetarium.

2. Upgrades suggested by myself


1. Pipeworks


1. Improved Capacity

Increase all pipe capacity by 25%.


2. Streamlined Pipe

Double fluid flow speed in all pipes.


3. Insulation Redesign

Reduce insulated pipe building cost by 25%.


4. Pump engine improvement

Increase 50% pump speed.

2. Electricity


1. Efficiency I

Generators (except manual generators) requires 5% less fuel to produce power.


2. Improved Wiring

Thin wire electricity capacity doubled.


3. Improved Cables

Thick power cables has 50% more electricity capacity.


4. Hidden Cable

Cables can be built across walls without a joint plate.


5. Improved Battery

Battery capacity +50%.

3. Oxygen Production


1. Efficient Deoxidizer

Algae deoxidizer generates 10% more oxygen.

4. Storage


1. Hydraulic compactor

Storage Compactors capacity +20%.


2. Wide-range cooler

Refrigerators further slows rottening by 30%.


3. Anti-leak storage

Storages no longer leaks gases, volatiles won’t vapourize into gases.

5. Building Tiles


1. Polishing

All tiles decor +25%.


2. Intensive Insulation Filling

Insulated Tiles insulates 10% more heat.


3. Reinforced Tiles

Bunker Tiles no longer vulnerable to gas damage and explosives.


4. Smooth Pavement

All tiles are given +15% speed boost.


5. Tile Moulding Tools

Tiles can be built in a faster mean (40% speed boost).

6. Industrial


1. Electricial Blast Furnance

Reduce 5% proccessing time of metal refinery.


2. Heat-intensive Combustion Chamber

Reduce proccessing time of metal refinery and kiln by 15%.



More possible upgrades will be updated soo.

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Would be nice to have a "tune up" option for more buildings than just generators. But pumps? Would work for gas but water already does the max a pipe can handle. Now would improving pipes be a passive effect or would we have to upgrade each pipe segment on it`s own. I`s some nice ideas but it seems clunky. 5% here 20% there. I`d prefer it cleaner.

My take on the idea would be having a special upgrade building similar to the power control station. It would be used to construct items used to upgrade stuff. Buildings could be manually designated for upgrades. With upgrade pending an upgrade thingy would be constructed and delivered to the buliding increasing it`s efficiency by 50%.

To allow for pump upgrades we would need "heavi pipes" with 5-10 times the capacity and large vents. Upgrading buildings would be sued to save space (need 2 building instead of 3) as well as saving power.

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