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do birds spawn in the rainy season?

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I haven't seen birds for days on end, even with the feather hat. I had a few days where tons of pigeons were spawning, though. I need one more azure feather but not sure I can get it if this is a glitch! Hoping for whatever reason birds just dont spawn in rain..


ok so its now hay fever season, still no birds even with feather hat! i'll just report it as a bug

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1 hour ago, bizziboi said:

No worries. Just wanted to say we're not ignoring reports, or if we do, it's not intentional. I probably would feel the same.

You guys have actually fixed so many bugs that I've dealt with in Hamlet, and quickly too. While I play the game I think of how much hard work goes into fixing everything. We understand and appreciate you all and your work! A lot! Seriously thank you!

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On 11/25/2018 at 7:22 PM, bizziboi said:

Aww, thanks :) 

We ain't there yet, and we know, there's just a category of bugs that are hard to reproduce or deduce where things are going wrong, these take longer to fix than hoped - and you guys are pretty good at finding them ;)

yeah!! that makes sense!!

As a person who has ... 600 hours on don't starve (whew)...i still definitely love the games when they're in progress, its ok if all the glitches aren't solved ASAP haha! there's SO MUCH to the games! and so much to balance!

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