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  1. Three OP things in Hamlet

    If people can easily survive forever once they "know what to do." Then every person who actually likes endless survival games will just quit as soon as they're "done."
  2. Game Crashes during Autosave

    This started happening to me aswell after the last patch. It only starts crashing after about day 20, and doesnt happen everytime. It happens 50% of the time.
  3. Easy Pickings (Peagawk Feathers)

    I have no idea how else we would pick feathers atm, without using a blow dart or boomerang. "They" say petals or vegetables on the ground will distract the peagawk, but it still just runs away when you get close to it so.....
  4. Three OP things in Hamlet

    I think warbucks is a really interesting and fun character. I also think he's OP with no sanity problems ever. (except the first few times you use him.) Berries do give you a lot of free money, but whether or not it's over powered depends on how useful that money is. Also there is supposed to be answers to problems people are suposed to find in Dont Starve. Berries are an answer to gaining "oincs". There is always gonna be something that makes money better than anything else. But hopefully it doesnt make everything else useless. So that's the question. 4 oincs might be too much. Not sure.
  5. Same thing happens when I build things like chests on top of a rug.
  6. Non-computer expert here. Are you saying that will fix the problem? Do I need to "turn on console" or debug mode or something.... you know what i mean. Btw this also happened to me when entering a room in the ruins. Not sure if it was a normal door, or a "Suspicious Crack" Your character (and mine) is actually outside of the room area(square), in the blackness and out of bounds. You can zoom out on the map and actually see your character far outside the room. You wont be able to get back in the room though, Unless that^ guys "special computer code" works. I'm mostly just describing the problem for when Klei reads this.
  7. I had the same problem in the closed beta. Now it seems to happen everytime while auto saving on the 4th day. In the close beta it happened on the first attempt to save in that world everytime, whether it was save and quiting or just an auto save. I might just need a new computer, or to make a smaller world.
  8. I think this is it. I dont expect you guys to fix a problem that only affects me though. Actually I kinda do cause youre the best. DxDiag for dont starve.txt
  9. It happens when auto saving after the first day or if I "save and quit." And when I come back Im at the start of the game again. I dont see anyone else talking about this problem, so it might be my computer. Although is doesnt do this on RoG or SW. Maybe I should try playing on a smaller map so there is less stuff to save? Im no computer expert.