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  1. I think its one of those bugs that sometimes happen just from playing too long in one game. As soon as summer started it became dusk durring day time AND durring actual dusk(possibly only in appearence?) and darkness is still darkness. Also constant rain that for some reason doesnt make my wetness level over "1" even with zero rain protection. This "bug from playing too long" didnt get fixed from reloading the game, like the other ones do.
  2. Is Willow still bugged?

    Yes this happens to me 100% of the time aswell. Including from entering and leaving houses if I remember.
  3. Wayne, the Soldier

    Losing sanity when comrads fall and starting with a blunderbuss is pretty cool. That might be enough traits alone to make him a normal Dont Starve character. There really isnt a military soldier type character already. I just hope he's weak enough or I wont enjoy him.
  4. Warbucks because he's new. And was interesting seeing how Wigfrid plays in Hamlet.
  5. No cloth = YOU ARE SCREWED

    So dont make a pith hat at first because its not as important as a gas mask. That's science. Or maybe you just reached your limit.
  6. Three OP things in Hamlet

    If people can easily survive forever once they "know what to do." Then every person who actually likes endless survival games will just quit as soon as they're "done."
  7. Game Crashes during Autosave

    This started happening to me aswell after the last patch. It only starts crashing after about day 20, and doesnt happen everytime. It happens 50% of the time.
  8. Easy Pickings (Peagawk Feathers)

    I have no idea how else we would pick feathers atm, without using a blow dart or boomerang. "They" say petals or vegetables on the ground will distract the peagawk, but it still just runs away when you get close to it so.....
  9. Three OP things in Hamlet

    I think warbucks is a really interesting and fun character. I also think he's OP with no sanity problems ever. (except the first few times you use him.) Berries do give you a lot of free money, but whether or not it's over powered depends on how useful that money is. Also there is supposed to be answers to problems people are suposed to find in Dont Starve. Berries are an answer to gaining "oincs". There is always gonna be something that makes money better than anything else. But hopefully it doesnt make everything else useless. So that's the question. 4 oincs might be too much. Not sure.
  10. Since they seem to want there to be only small ponds, it would make more sence to have a very small island in the middle of it with some kind of shack where a pig lives outside the city. Since it is slightly odd that there are no pigs anywhere other than inside the towns. A lone pig living somewhere would make sence to me.
  11. Something that tries to kill you would be good to stop people from stealing early on and getting way too much of an advantage compared to normal play. Or maybe make it harder to get the thief hat/mask. Im not sure how stealing works to be honest. A prison island is an amazing idea that I wish I thought of. Literally the best idea anyones ever had. Similiar to the big friggin birds island. You get takin there against your will and need to escape. Maybe bribe some gaurds with your items so they let you out. And ofcoarse some special item you can only get here by killing one of the strong inmates. Then return to the normal island through pipes going under the water. Edit: I just remembered that its clouds, not water.
  12. Ive been digging up normal grass from inside those rooms in the ruins. Can I really just dig up the other more common kind and plant it around my house and it will turn into the normal easily picked kind?
  13. Seems to be fair

    You can just learn how to dodge BFB's stomps. Its not hard. Walk the opposite direction of the shadow as soon as you see it. And I think it doesnt like landing in town or something, so walk out of town to make it land quicker and waste less time.
  14. Same thing happens when I build things like chests on top of a rug.