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  1. yes! I hammered it thinking that the oincs would come back down. They were already there when I had created the door, and appeared to be stuck /in/ the door. thanks for your response!
  2. After making a new door to an existing room, an oinc has been stuck in the wall.
  3. yay!! very excited for the new interiors. thanks so much
  4. I have a hamlet file, and finally decided to connect it with a shipwrecked file. However, upon returning to the seaworthy to go back to hamlet, it gives me the merge prompt with the options to choose ANOTHER world to merge with or a new world, but no option to return to Hamlet. Please help me fix this glitch- that hamlet file was 300 days old!
  5. Certain items seem to not have models that you can place in your house, for example the hook shelf is invisible upon purchasing and even if you place it is invisible.
  6. with the broken calendar you can't really help it, mine is stuck aligned and sometimes it turns randomly. Mine is still stuck aligned after the update and it becomes the aporkalypse even though I can't move the dial
  7. The only thing that works afaik is to kill them, blow darts are good for them
  8. It isnt! Ruins still full of ghosts, be careful lol
  9. also... My aporkalypse calendar still doesn't move, even after saving + quitting within the room. ! anyone else's get fixed?
  10. Oh no! I had no idea you weren't supposed to be able to axe the suspicious cracks... Not sure what to do now, lol
  11. Got stuck in the wall BUT only when going down in a door (in the southern doors) I have ten pig guards in there with me.
  12. no idea why, but on the treasure/fountain of youth island (had no been visited until nearly day 100) there was a pile of relics by a pig guard. I have emptied this pile multiple times, btu then realized that its been refilling. Other than a pig guard and a pig farmer who had nettle farms, there were no other pigs either.
  13. At day 80 or so, birds stopped spawning once it turned to the rainy season. Now its hay fever season and still no birds of any kind, even with the feather hat equipped. Also bird-related is that when you pick up a bird trap, some of the time you don't get what's inside the trap (bait or bird).
  14. upon spawning the balloon / luggage did not show up, but the rope with pennants, the basket and the sand bag did.
  15. the hook shelf doesn't work when putting it in one's house, you can buy it and place it but it is invisible and you cannot hammer it