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And if the game took place in the Paleolithic?


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Hello !

I had an idea, I do not know if it is good or bad, but in any case it makes me work my imagination.
I like to draw with constraints, that's why I thought about embedding the aesthetics of the game in a new environment, and then imagine the game with this other environment.

In this case the idea is: Wilson (always decidedly!) This time traveled in time, and bad luck (or not) he ended up in the Paleolithic
(to help me I'm trying to imagine the first men who discovered Australia, towards the end of the glaciation.)
Easy as pie.

What can be composed of this primitive world? Who the people? what is its fauna and flora? How are the seasons?

These are the questions I'm trying to answer graphically.
I count in this topic add little by little my ideas, and of course yours!

So here is the decor to install.

I started with the inhabitants of this new world, in the Homo family, I named "Pigus habilis"
- he lives in a group
- he makes his first tools (spear, club ...)
- He discovers the fire (I know Homo habilis knew the fire (apparently), but it's funnier as well.)
- he hunts large and small mammals
- he is very afraid of the night
- he could be nomadic.





Angry Pigus Habilis


Happy (female) Pigus Habilis



this one sees fire for the first time



Surprise Pigus Habilis


Sometimes they paint some rock


Pigus Habilis House

When my research is more successful, I colorize them ... For now I search!

I hope you like these ideas!

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image too large !
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35 minutes ago, MrStonar said:

Wilson (always decidedly!) This time traveled in time,

This would fit the "Across the ages" concept the devs used to talk about

This feels like a cross between the Forge boars and Hamlet gentlepigs. Might be a fun reference to the flintstones too.

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