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The cask of Bahni

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and Travaldo is like:

"Oh no, there is their neglect play again. I do not see anything... I do not want to see anything... wait, I really can not see anything! AHHHHHHHH!!!"

and that's why you should always plug your mechanized airlocks, even thou' there is no fall damage..

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3 hours ago, SakuraKoi said:

wait, I really can not see anything! AHHHHHHHH!!!"

Of course he did not see anything, nobody saw anything, there is no light


in any case, ruby would say that was why he was not seeing right in the dark and building the blinds is dangerous



to 0 days without accidents


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Banhi was looking at the tile, but it didn't seem to be in need of disinfecting... She turned to tell Ruby she was crazy, but Ruby had already built the first tile. The two stared at eachother through the small gap. Quietly, Ruby raised her multi-tool and began pouring rock into the hole.


"Ruby! Ruby, no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that your hat decal reminds me of the symbol for germs! Ruby! Ruuuubyyy!"


But it was too late. Only the silence of stone, and the gentle tap of retreating footsteps answered back. 


At that moment, Banhi's tummy rumbled ominously. She had several day's oxygen supply, but she hadn't eaten in far too long. So she lay down and slept, hoping against hope that things would look better in the morning.


A few minutes later, the ground dropped out from under her, letting her fall on top of a shocked Travaldo. 


"Banhi! What in the name of Gas Cows were you doing up there? You were supposed to be tunneling out this column for the new vertical power conduit! Nobody could find you, so I came over to do your job for you..."

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Bahni does not care about Travaldo's supposed rescue. He interrupted her dream about yummy pepper bread, And now she had to go back to work with an empty tummy...

The look on Ruby's face when they passed on the ladder a minute later made Bahni happier than pepper bread does. Now she feels frustrated not knowing if she is to be happy or sad.

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