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[TOOLS] OxygenNotIncluded Animation Exporter

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I make a animation tool whitch can export .bild file and .anim file to scml

you can open .scml file in Spriter




How to use this tool? 

  1. make sure .png, _anim.txt, _bild.txt are in the same folder
  2. drag .png file into Listbox
  3. select the .png file which you want unpack
  4. click "unpack"
  5. it will create a folder ,sliced files and .scml file will in it


It can't repack scml to gamefile now

and I don't know howto import new animation and use it in the game 



maybe has some bugs   .... 


PS .

massiveheatsink 's animation seems has bug



the anim bank named place 

the second key and behind keys missing hierarchy item


说英语真是费劲啊  ... 大家凑活看吧

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