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  1. Game Crashed at cycle 300 称心如意的小屋 300.sav after crash memory use still increase from 2400MB to 2700MB ,and still increasing
  2. I'm glad to hear about modding support i make a tool for unpack animation here ,but i don't know how to import a new animation to game so i didn't finish the part whitch can repack them to game data is there some example about import a new animation to game in mod ? and how to create the hash number in anmation ? just random ?
  3. I write some mods which are using a lot of RPC My mods is most like Client/Server Structure,so Client mod register RPC with empty function, Server register same RPC with real function,so that the client mod can send RPC and server mod handle RPC I found the reason why server crash without log : I define a new table and create a net_string.... player.netevent = {} player.netevent._refreshmails = GLOBAL.net_string(player.GUID, "player.netevent._refreshmails", "netevent_refreshmails") and in another file i define a new table with same name...... so the old table vanished player.netevent = {} player.netevent._refreshguilds = GLOBAL.net_string(player.GUID, "player.netevent._refreshguilds", "netevent_refreshguilds") 录制_2018_04_19_22_09_13_854.mp4