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After a while, forums are more fun than game


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[MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION] while many people seek content, Don't Starve offers so much more. There is the sense of community seeing that so few people actually post. When they do they are greeted and welcomed as if they were here all along. Their opinions are heard and even responded to giving them that small feeling of importance that comes with being acknowledged.Yourself and the other Devs play a big part too. Most game developers say they listen and care about the community, but you and the team actually respond and interact. No matter how silly or serious, a Dev was there at some point, like this post for example.

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Isaacg shhhhhh... Don't be going and giving them any ideas.. They've already said they fully intend to continue to update for a good half year after official release.. Maybe six months after the release if they say they are officially done updating and whatnot bring up..

This game could have so much content added, and it would only make the game better. I would buy all dlcs you could ever release for this game.

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