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My first impression


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Long don't starve survivor here since the dawn of chrome version haha.

I am currently day 81 as Wigfrid because collecting poop and farm life ain't my life.

I will just state few things I like and some I don't. Just a feedback not really something aggressive towards the development.

Things I don't like:

  • Lush season as Wigfrid is atrocious it felt like playing oni with dupes 100% stress and I was the dupe. I can't consume those plants and gas mask its draining sanity real bad. So I have survived two lush seasons by bulldozing through them, on top of that I got bats spawning twice, had to cut through those plants. The mechanics are interesting but it needs some balancing and maybe one more mechanic like getting sick and going to a pig doctor for treatment or something, like just sitting on a bed and a lady just oink oink stuff. Or maybe a stove that we can cook tea from those two plants, I don't think Wigfrid will complain about a cup of tea.
  • Second problem with lush season is that caves are unplayable as Wigfrid, its way too much stressful. I don't really understand this season but its supposed to be something cold weather related? Maybe just add back cold mechanics in caves and on surface just normal lush. Like some creepy breeze through the doors.
  • Monsoon its quite annoying not because of the mechanics itself but because there are way toooo many items at the moment. On normal single player, either of them you can walk without a backpack easily. I love a lot clothing for each season in ROG, I wear all seasonal clothes, but here you can't be efficient without a backpack and monsoon season makes it even worse, I mean the season is fine and quite balanced in my opinion but walking without a backpack is quite unrealistic.
  • Removing furniture/other stuff from house? I am not sure if I can because and I couldn't figure out, not a wiki player. Maybe stack them somewhere and have a market and selling to the pigs? something like an event and you can sell too your own products. It would be boring just click x to remove.
  • Pace of things I feel like its too fast, I am fine with it but Don't Starve is not about revolving around the pigs. I discovered the second pig village on day 60 I just couldn't keep up with monsoon and lush season doing exploring. I felt like second pig village is useless, even tho it has cool items in shops.
  • Silk needs buff, I am not sure if is a bug but spiders aren't respawing. In day 80 I got 3 silk LOL, from pots, I was hunting for white feathers, which have a nice drop rate.
  • Those rocks shouldn't sink again on the monsoon season? I feel they give too little, destroying them looks ugly on the map and it gives like 2 rocks. 
  • Spawn on those bugs that live in tall grass feels a little too much. I got like 200 drops from them in day 80, its true I have my base near them and they fight everyday with the crickets but feels too much.

Things I like:

  • I like that anti venom is not on the crafting menu. This don't starve is supposed to be around the pigs and not having all recipes. Since lush was bad for me as Wigifrid I was just making money the whole season, if players dedicate 10 days from in-game year to the pigs they have everything they need and then play the game as they want.
  • I like the caves and one thing with Wigfrid is that I can heal fast hitting on spears. Also caves maze is pretty amazing but the in the toxic jungle should have something more special since it was the easiest for my map generation.
  • I love the 'Pog' name for little dogs, it works well with twitch chat haha :)
  • I like the fact that if you drop money those guards will take them, very realistic.
  • The player house looks strangely close to merms house, feels good having a little reference to them.
  • Gold is quite rare but it adds up with the shop, it feels balanced to me. I have like 20 in chest for no use.
  • I love the art from the cities, delivered as usual!
  • There are bugs but the game is very playable. I had like very few problems.
  • Food is balanced for Wigfrid if I play like a warrior, jungle has enough food. Also selling pierogi is too good. Wrapping food like in dst should never be added, it will be too broken.

Ideas of mine:

  • Those players that steal from the pigs should have bounties on their head. Its not okay to steal bushes and flowers and whatever we need from them. They have families and need to feed them. Like I don't know something like thief mechanic but with a bounty hunter, stealing from player chests or just make everything more expensive on the shops, or pay a fine to the mayor. Just chasing around until losing aggro isn't the best.
  • I would like some temples with water floor because the water on surface feels too little so boats have some use besides collecting reeds. Or maybe add some more stuff from SW I don't know, its early tho.
  • Some houses got burned and they got repaired as I returned, maybe add some animations on how pigs repair houses?
  • Maybe add some boss, or multiple little mobs attacking their town? like they blow some horn or they send someone after me and I go help them? And I get some item from queen or mayor? 
  • Since the game is about magic and mirrors, what about having two houses and having a mirror teleporting from one town to another at the cost of all sanity?

Alright thats my first impression, hope I am useful for your development, and others avoid Wigfrid for now. I am gonna stop playing because lush season is awaiting and the little content I missed I will cover at other times.

Thanks for the work Klei :)

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They do have an animation for them rebuilding when roc stomps on a house. I havent seen a burned one rebuilt but ive only seen one burn at night (cause of their torches and bats as i assume you had exact same scenario) so i wouldnt be shocked if there is an animation. 


The wormhole between your houses is good. Would allow you to have 3 islands in close proximity. 


And more bosses is always what i want in dont starve. Even in ROG i want more giants with more items to craft from their drops. Its what keeps me playing longer. There isnt anything you craft aside from the skyworthy from killing the bosses in this game. Nor do the bosses regen afaik. 

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too long but about wigfrid and Lush season
it's your choice that you played Wigfrid
Hayfever has only 3 cures ( CURRENTLY [ GAME IS STILL IN EARLY ACCESS ] )
1- Gas Mask
2- Cooked seed pods
3- Nettle
i think it's fair that you get all those things about wigfrid but she doesn't want to take her medicine.
what im trying to say is, wigfrid eats meat
nettle and seed pods not meat
wigfrid gotta trade her ability for not being able to fully compete with Hayfever

just think of it as a wigfrid down side 
- can't eat Nettle or Seed Pods

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