Snobs are ruining fun of this beautiful event


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After a long break of the events in DST I've opened game to try out Forge.
After 30 minutes of struggling with disgusting community members who were kicking out players with low level and screaming about "their lobby name says over9000+, leave" I've started the game with a group of players below level 10 I guess. And for my surprise it looked like they made it a little bit easier even to play Forge than it was the first time. We didint find success tho. And after this game, I gave up on trying finding another one because I dont want to waste another 30 minutes on arguing with these selfclaimed professionals of the Forge...
And this is actually sad for me. I do like the event, I did like it in the past and achieved everything (except deathless I guess but including gold).
And how fun is that to use Quick Game finder and then get accused in NOT READING THE NAME OF LOBBY?! Why am I pushed to search for a lobby suited for me? I want to press Quick game and have fun.

And basically its just a scream of despair because I dont think we can do anything about this... Unfortunately.

RIP Forge, you were a fun back days...

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In some point these people kinda love to show off their level or I dunno, whats the logic behind making non-private game with no password and then whining about low levels... Even tho I was searching for a Quick Game, this will protect them from those who are visiting all these lobbies with "blabla me-me-me level 56+++" on purpose. 

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Those are all valid points. And passwords are important. But as someone who has been joining specific lobbies, and advocated for teammates of my same caliber, I can tell you that passwords have to be provided in the description... which ANYONE can read. Unless you're playing with Steam friends or Discord friends, etc. Literally 2 days ago I played with 4 people in Discord, we were waiting for our 5th person, and this one player followed us and kept joining our password-protected servers. We use passwords to get around quick matchers but that also isn't the perfect solution either. 

As far as snobby players go... that is certainly unfortunate. But it can also be frustrating when people expect to be carried just because they played last forge, or promise they'll listen, etc. and then they cause the group to wipe, or cause unnecessary deaths or pick up ALL the armor they want when repeatedly asked to stop. So, for people that have put in time to gain more levels and items and skins and game experience, yeah they're gonna have a slight attitude when people don't listen or RESPECT that experience and time investment. With the Forge becoming more and more like an actual raid, small mistakes cause potential full team death. And that certainly isn't fun.

So, no I don't have much sympathy for new players. I beta'd the original Forge, but when it came to season 2, I started at the beginning like everyone else. Instead of arguing for 30+ minutes with someone in a server I was unwelcome at, I just left. A much more expedient use of my time to remove the stigma of my lower level, and PROVE my game experience and exposure to the correct strategies, and learning to play with other people. A much more constructive, productive solution than whining that Forge isn't fun anymore because of OTHER people. The system surely isn't perfect, but I'm not letting anyone else keep me from having fun, and I'm still pretty "casual". I'm definitely not level 185, like someone I ran into today. I'm only 69. And to be honest... when you come across those 100+ people... they don't talk much. They just want to grind, for their own reasons. 

Probably instead of complaining, I would adapt to the new system. Most people are polite about the level requirements for servers, and they are posted. If you're hitting quick match, that does come with a responsibility. Also, sometimes you don't always get to play your favorite character. That's something I've had to adjust to as well, if I'm really stuck on playing whomever, I leave and find a place I can play them, or I adapt to what that current team needs. 

Sorry that the Forge has lost you, lowfide. But maybe you'll reconsider?

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Except that now we've reached the point where players who have good routines and high levels are so bored that they will let players who are neither willing to listen or understand anything or lack any experience take part of their games for added challenge. In a lobby today a low level player tagged along, didn't listen to what we had written earlier, didn't pay attention, hardly replied to our messages, disconnected on three occasions, etcetera. However, everybody had a lot of fun because of that, and we managed to defeat the Swineclops despite of having a fifth wheel oboard. Not sure if he disconnected too early though. T__T Hopefully he also got a win!

Trust me when I say that it's equally tedious to ask players to leave a lobby because they didn't read the game description beforehand. If a player at lvl 1 would create a lobby that says "help me defeat the Swineclope, need a good team" or similar I can guarantee you that experienced players would join and help them do that. If the description says "normal run >60 lvl" of course players will get annoyed by others join on some other condition.

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Trust me, I've been trying to being patient with new players, but "snobs" come in the noob variety as well.

I joined a 40+ server only to find people from level 64 to 118 with a Level 1 refusing to leave.
I pitch in and ask if he know how to play, to which he reply "no, just carry :)"
I'm more than willing to teach, it's just that I type pretty slow and find it infuriating to have people not listen to me, so I don't have any fun if someone keep messing up and ruining the game for everyone else.

This lvl 1 didn't show any willpower or ability to compromise or work together, hurling insults when people ask him to leave. At that point, it's not a matter of level, it's a matter of attitude. Being so selfish that you refuse to leave when a couple of high levels are just looking for some exp is rude.

When I started out, I went with Quick-play and landed on a 30+ server, did I stay and refuse to listen when they asked me to leave because the Klei Gods put me in their server room? No. I didn't I just left. Found another game not 1 minute after.
And when I showed my brother the ropes of the game-mode, did I make a 40+ lobby to assure victory? No, we joined a game for new players because I didn't want to inconvenience experienced players, even if I could have told him I was guiding him through skype.

Most high level lobbies are pretty forgiving, I've had a bunch of level 26's  and 39's joining 40+ servers and no one mentioned it.
I am sure is someone want to be a teacher they can go to an "all welcome" server or host their own, don't expect stangers to carry you, you play on your own and learn the hard way like we all did.

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