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Dupes won't use apothecary table

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12 minutes ago, Soulwind said:

Do you mean the med bed or the apothecary?

If apothecary then you need a dupe with operate priority. 

If med bed then the dupes go to it when they get sick or when you manually assign it to them for healing wounds

the one where they create medicine.


16 minutes ago, SackMaggie said:

Bump up your Operate priority ? Btw the 1-9 is sub priority.

ye i put it up to priority 9. They have started using it since i made the thread but only occasionally. I have alot of dupes that just go idle without even using it (it has the materials delivered to it already.

I want to change the dupe's priority settings like 'cooking' 'building' etc. so there are dupes that will prioritise this thing over everything else.

I'm trying to put stuff inside my base that the dupes can use instead of going idle. I have a limited number of atmo suit docks so I have some dupes doing nothing inside the base every cycle.

apothecary table.png

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