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Crock Pot: Simpler Build

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I've started quite a few worlds lately, and talk to quite a few new players. I was wondering if a simpler build on the Crock Pot might aid new players without damaging game difficulty. Plus, early on they are fun to play around with. With spoilage & insanity the 3 refined stone seems like it could be reduced or changed. 6 charcoal is kind of tutorialish in teaching burning & charcoal, & 6 sticks is a no-brainer; but quantities of stone often involve a trip to a new area of the map & push the Crock Pot to "later on". Also with research as it is now, an early science machine--requiring stone--seems appropriate, further pushing back the Crock Pot.People that build a dozen Crock Pots, always will regardless of the build. Just a thought, Martha Stewart would say that more players is: "A Good Thing".

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Even if you make it cost more it just makes for more grinding.

This, pretty much.Rising the cost of building essential buildables that people will want to create anyway only means players will need a couple of axe and pickaxe swings more to build it. It's not rising difficulty.The cost of the croak pot is fine, I never felt like it was difficult to build. If you hurry you can get it on day 1. Normally I get it before day 3-4 if I'm not doing the 'only croak pot food allowed' challenge.
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