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Suggestions for new Wickerbottom Book, Thunder Hat, Woodlegs, and Pigs

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Here are a couple of suggestions and changes I'd like to see implemented:

  • New Wickerbottom book turns all pigs on screen to werepigs.
  • Thunder Hat now glows when struck by lightning.
  • Woodlegs is unable to craft his lucky hat in Hamlet
  • Town pigs should be able to wear hats that you supply them with.
  • All turf needs to be picked up, transported, and replanted.


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A werepig book should require hefty sanity loss and hard-to-get items if implemented. 
Expansion of turf replanting would be nice for megabasing. 
Some of what you typed isn't clarified in terms of your stance and desires. Are you upset the thunder hat glows now or is that what you want? Are you upset Woodlegs can't craft his hat or are you demanding the removal of it? 

For Woodlegs, he should definitely still have his hat in Hamlet - it's his perk, an integral part of his balance, especially considering the near-constant sanity loss he would have in the mostly land-based Hamlet. Removing his hat would be like removing Wigfrid's spear or getting rid of one of Wickerbottom's books or deciding Wilbur can't sprint anymore. 

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