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  1. I could go at lengths at explaining how I'm disappointing in this design choice, but as always, it'll fall on deaf ears. The people who do listen are probably tired of hearing me say the same things over and over. Ever seen a newer player find an summer/winter trap for the first time? For the most part, it's an enjoyable surprise. The majority of the newer players won't survive the first Winter anyway, the players who can, can generally cope with an early Winter or Summer. Why are the devs attempting to create "late game" content like Beefalo Riding and "resource variants" if they just want to make a game where people live for the first year then quit?
  2. Here's a little design I came up with after having hundreds of turf and not wanting to store it all in 50+ chests. A moleworm burrow can hold 50 stacks of items, so each moleworm burrow can be used to store 500 tiles of turf. A lot of people consider turf precious since it's non-renewable without world hopping - so moleworm burrows are a little bit safer than chests because they can't burn. Each pen has a burrow holding the turf that's underneath the pen. My forest turf pen needs three moleworms to hold all the turf while my grass turf pen needs two. Everything else has a single moleworm. The pens are organized by least dominate to most dominate as one turf will always cover another one when placed next to each other. Whenever I need turf for a project, I dig it a burrow up and let the moleworms store it again. Cheers,
  3. Nothing new but didn't see a video on this. Frogs can essentially steal from Moleworms, Pig Men, Rabbit Men, Krampus, Lureplants, Chester/Packim, Monkeys etc. Frogs attack the lureplants, which constantly generate leafy meat, and drop it over and over until the lureplant dies. You can get roughly 15-20 leafy meat pure bulb. It's essentially easy food, slurtle slime, gold, gunpowder, fertilizer, etc. Cheers,
  4. Magic tab useless? Nightmare Armor is the best body armor in the game. With how armor stacking is calculated, the armor equipped last talks the bulk of damage. Nightmare armor makes thulecite crowns last for 26.6k damage, making your thulecite and bubbles last forever. Pan Flute is one of the strongest items in the game. AOE sleep is huge; I use pan flutes for the majority of my hound attacks. Flutes are easily renewable through green gems and trawling (one green gem equals 37.5 pan flute uses). Chilled amulet is great for both RoG and SW Summers. Ice Staff is great for single enemy control and penning mobs. Also putting out fires. Fire staff is great crowd control. Telestaff for WX overcharge, creating rain, causing earthquakes, telestaffing yourself and other mobs across the map. Old bell for mass farming resources, causing massive earthquakes, stomping giants, and digging up moleworm burrows. Life Giving Amulets for making skeleton walls. Dripple Pipes to combat smouldering in RoG. Belt of Hunger is great for Wolfgang and Wes. Meat Effigy for when you accidently screw up. Nightmare Amulet even has a couple niche uses for beard hair and nightmare fuel farming. I still prefer Dark Swords to the Cutlass, way easier to farm for me. Sometimes I wonder if I'm playing the same game as you folks.
  5. Hey all, Here's an alternative source of lighting for night: I previously attempted to use slurpers by themselves as a supplemental light source. Unfortunately, without being attached to you, a pig, or a bunny they provide inadequate light comparable to fireflies. When Slurpers are penned up with a bunny hutch, the bunnies leave their houses at dusk, slurpers attach to their head and will illuminate an area until morning when the bunnies return to their hutch. The bunnies return next dusk with the slurpers still attached to their heads and illuminate the area ad infinitum. There are some oddities with this design though. If a bunny dies with a slurper attached to their head, they will NOT respawn until their hutch even after several days. To respawn the bunnies, their hutch needs to be light on fire forcing them to flee from their house. Hence the fire staff in my inventory and ice flingomatic in the middle of the area. Not too sure why this is though as bunnies should spawn every night. Sometimes the bunnies can go days without dying either, sometimes not, which is something I'm also still trying to decipher (maybe the length of day vs dusk/night? do they heal while in the hutches? etc iunno). Just wanted to share an alternative slight source. I'm a fan of the bunnies coming out at dusk/night then returning when morning arrives; it's a pretty neat mechanic to have them deliver light when they spawn from their hutch. This could easily be slimmed down to two hutches with an area in between. Feel free to experiment! I'm not yet confident enough in this design to build something similar my main save/base, but probably will eventually. As a side note, it'd be pretty cool to line a path with a couple of these and walk through it with meat whenever. All the bunnies will flock towards the wall at you. Cheers,
  6. @Bryce any chance to get a similar buffed to the lazy forager that the magi received? It was in a worse place than the Magi was before it's buff.
  7. To the folks complaining about the monkey balls change, do you realize you can wall the monkey balls in for the same effect? Also, why build your entire base around a glitch? Why are they so critical and what effect can't be achieved by walling the ball in?
  8. Also can't craft cobblestone in my RoG only world now due to it requiring magma turf.
  9. The cobblestone change carried over to my RoG only save. Can't craft anymore cobblestone:/
  10. This is just as, if not more, broken as haunting books for their effects. Not a fan of this change, just my 2 cents. Another nail in the coffin for PVP. Being a ghost has less and less consequences.
  11. You are correct. It requires rot! How am I going to get rot unless I don't eat? Are they expecting me to starve? In all honesty though, should being able to resurrect yourself without any penalties be so easy, especially in survival? Again, why not just play endless or wilderness at this point?