Something to put the torches on?

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I just thought it would be nice if you could PUT the torches on something, and let them continue to light up the area. It could be something that is simple to make, with like 1 board that you place, and then something you place your torch on. When it goes out you should be able to put a new on on.

This is just my opinion since it looks a bit strange with 2-3 fire pits around in the base.

(I've searched a bit but couldn't find another topic about this)

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Tiki torches. 1 torch + 1 log (or 2-3 sticks?)No rope, because that would be UP! You can just throw a rope into a campfire and it gets level 4 instantly.Lasts double as long as a torch, has half the radius of a level 4 campfire (for balancing) and can't be picked up.Can be turned on and off, as it would be useless if it's on forever, it would last the whole night and some useless minutes into the day. Or maybe it's just a campfire, only needs less fuel but has a smaller radius?It can be replenished by adding a) a torch?or b) fuel?I'm planning on making an own thread, are you ( [MENTION=9418]mr.serious[/MENTION] ) okay with that?

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