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  1. I just thought it would be nice if you could PUT the torches on something, and let them continue to light up the area. It could be something that is simple to make, with like 1 board that you place, and then something you place your torch on. When it goes out you should be able to put a new on on. This is just my opinion since it looks a bit strange with 2-3 fire pits around in the base. (I've searched a bit but couldn't find another topic about this)
  2. I've explored everything. I was young and crazy, so I went mental on the beehive thingy But I've learned now ^^
  3. Looks like you need four bees to make that, and I dont have those :/
  4. Well, the topic says it all. I was so stupid to destroy the bee hive and now I dont have any bees on my map. Do they respawn because Ive waited like +30 days now.
  5. Thanks, I will think about just playing in the world Im in now atm. But good to know that I will keep my research/points.
  6. In the current world Ive explored everything, and I was wondring if I select "Make New World" if I will lose all the stuff that Ive researched? I can see that it says "This will erase your current world and any saved games in it. Continue?" But that in my eyes just says my world will be deleted, not if my researched will be cleared also. Or have I missed something.
  7. I was just a bit curious of what msg that would pop up when I hit a item that I needed to build a science/alchemy to research. But what happend is that I got the thing I wanted researched without needing a science/alchemy. Didnt even build one at all. But my lightball points went down (as it should).
  8. Just thought that it would be nice, if we could pickup items like the science / alchemy and maybe even the fire pit. It's just that two of those items cost a bit. Don't know if this game is supposed to be played that you should be on the "run" and not settle down and build a camp. And is it possible to get some keybinding, I find it annoying that I need to move my mouse down to rightclick on the items I want to equip. I mean, wouldn't it be easier if you could just hit 1 and equip the item or eat. When you want to creat many items, it closes the menu it in and you have to go into it again. Why couldnt it just be open and we could click untill we didn't have any more "mats" for it. That is some of the stuff that I reacted a bit on.