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New hazard? Vol.2 (Noice)

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Hello guys! (•ω•)

Remember the “nOize FiElD” generated by duplicants with loud sleeper trait?

iT’Z rEalLy AnNoyInG (hope you can read this)

Well, noice is not a really big deal.

But this hazard can really drive duplicants mad.

So today, I’ll take some improvements on nOisE.


I hope noise are come from all kinds of working machines and strong-enough noise can even pentrate walls. But instead of using lots of noise fields (but I would rather keep the noise field of loud sleepers), using a new Noise interface may be better.

Green means quiet (0dB - 50dB), will not disturb sleep

Yellow means potential too-noisy range that may disturb sleep in future.

From orange to red to violet, it indicates more noisy sounds (51dB - 200dB or more) and will build pressure on duplicants significantly over time when duplicants stays in those noisy places.


Also let’s talk about noise sources, as I mentioned before - from all kinds of machinery. Generators probably the loudest, following by industrial machines. Other things will make less noise.

Also include meteor impacts and launching rockets too.


To counter-balance noise, wall tiles can reduce most of the sounds. Metal tiles are probably the worst, following by normal tiles and insulative tiles are te best. Vaccum enviornment can actually do a great job on wipe noise out.


Like my idea?

Please comment! (•ω•)/


Noise Alert!

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I feel like this system would mostly overlap with the heat system. What I mean is that typically ways of solving heat would also solve noise. So...the long-term effects of noise wouldn't be very worthwhile to add.

But active machines radiating sleep-blocking noise like loud sleepers? Yea, that's neat.

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I don’t see the need when Decor is already the mechanic that makes you want to seperate Duplicants from Machinery. 

Though, splitting Noise into groundpenetrating booming sounds and into regular annoying sounds like Loud Sleepers

I had the idea for a new pestlike critter called ’Screagles’, they dig through the ground, plant eggs, and then scream periodically, loudly. Across several tiles and even through ground to a certain degree. Their loud noises can be mitigated through vacuum or a double thick insulated wall. This adds a sort of ’pest’ that you want to contain/kill to make it so that they wont disturb your Duplicants rest. 

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I made a thread long ago about machines making noises when operated. It would be an additional challenge to your layout and schedules if machines would wake up dupes sleeping in rooms nearby. Also the jukebot should produce noise.

32 minutes ago, Alfons100 said:

I had the idea for a new pestlike critter called ’Screagles’

I like the idea of a screaming critter. I thought more about a parrot like thing that gives nice decor bonuses but screams at night so you don`t want it near your bedrooms.

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